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Don't fool yourself...

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Losing weight is hard work. Do not fool yourself. It takes focus, dedication and the willingness to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Today has been one of those "uncomfortable" days. I have joined the Biggest Loser Challenge #22 and am part of the Sassy Shamrock Sheriffs (cute name, eh? LOL). The challenge will see me through these last 11 weeks until my trip to Africa and help me stay focused on my goals. The team is full of women who are serious about getting healthy and no excuses are accepted. I like that... a lot! Heck, I already like them a lot!

So one of the first things we had to do was send in "before" pics, preferably with some skin so you can really see improvements. My Coach has me taking pictures monthly to visually track my progress. THAT made me uncomfortable.. so much so that I didn't even look at the first set of pics for weeks. But today the Sassy Sheriffs posted my pics on a private page that only the other women on the team can see.. but my oh my.. it was very hard. Very hard. (Did I mention I'm the biggest gal on the team? Yeah, of course I looked.. sigh) So it was a mental battle to not give in to all the negative talk which I will not even type here but let your imagination roam - and yeah, I thought it AND I FOUGHT it.. so with every negative I'd tell myself a positive.. every. single. time... it's a mental game and it's a fight! Don't fool yourself...

So, I didn't go to my workout tonight in the best place mentally. But I went... My workout with my coach tonight was tough.. and I knew it was going to be tough cuz he warned me Wednesday.. I warmed up with the Airdyne (from hell, I tell you, from hell) for 5 minutes, then 50 sledge hammer slams on the tire... I did several new things... one of which was push this truck around the building pushing for 30 seconds (from a dead stop) every minute on the minute with 30 seconds rest. I gotta tell ya, it was HARD and my quads were burning... but, I enjoyed it!

Then I pulled myself up from the ground to a standing position using a rope hanging from the ceiling (this was very hard and the first time I'd done it too) x 5, 20lb front squats and 30 20lb shoulder presses. THEN to the rower to row 40 calories.. seriously?? it was HARD and I was already spent from everything else.. This look on my face you see below? This is what I mean by hard... by being uncomfortable.. by not fooling yourself that losing weight is easy and comfortable... I'm giving it all I've got.. 100%... ALL IN.. and yes, I think I'm dying.. and I am TOTALLY uncomfortable... but if I'm not uncomfortable, I'm not progressing.

When I'm like this - that face - the pain, the effort - my coach always says "This is where the magic happens." I usually roll my eyes but it helps in the midst of a hard workout that I soooooo want to quit... and I think "right now, right this second, I am making magic!" and it allows me to continue.. I have never quit. Ever.

So, look for opportunities to be uncomfortable.. and embrace them.. because they will bring you closer to the life you want... Don't fool yourself by thinking half efforts will get your anywhere. those pictures that stressed me out so much earlier today?? Yeah, they're not stressing me out anymore.. working through that allowed me to post the "pain face" picture above.. typically?? I'd have never posted that... so, I'm making progress.. because I was willing to be uncomfortable..

Another part of the Sassy Sheriffs assignment was to choose several activities to measure today and then remeasure again in a few weeks... I love this idea (because I love progression!).. so here are my results:

Wall sit - 1 minute and 17 seconds
Crunches (not full sit-ups) 57 in 1 minute and 36 seconds
Plank - 35 seconds (a PR for me)
20 lb Shoulder presses - 30

I did a 1600meter row which equals 1 mile in 9 minutes and 54 seconds (another PR for me)..

And the final thing is to take a picture of yourself showing where you're at flexibility wise... and I'm happy to say I have another PR because I actually touched my toes! SWEET!


70 Days til Africa...
17lbs til Zipline Goal
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Look at you touching your toes!! You are doing such a terrific job emoticon
    1743 days ago
    Wow!!!! Your strength and determination are amazing!!!! You are strong enough to push a truck!" emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1744 days ago
    I love the notion of "where the magic happens." emoticon
    1744 days ago
    you're doing it! Wow! emoticon
    1745 days ago
    "Pain face" is also "strength face".
    1745 days ago
    This blog made me pant with exertion. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! emoticon
    1745 days ago
    emoticon You are amazing, and a terrific addition to our team! You are so strong.
    1745 days ago
    You are so amazing! I am impressed that you can get down on the floor - and then to do sit-ups! WOW! you go, girl! Power up! emoticon
    1745 days ago
    I am so proud of you, but the important thing is that you are proud of yourself! Your battle to be the best, strongest, healthiest person you can be is so inspiring to watch. Go Annie!!!
    1745 days ago
    LOOK at you GROW ANNIE ... YOUR BLOSSOMING before our eyes. YOU right about being uncomfortable and growth.. YOU are reaching for that sun ...

    I'm on the Sun-sational Summer Lemons for the challenge..You are going to kick butt and take names.. what a great way to keep you focused until AFRICA !!

    1745 days ago
    WOW! I gotta tell you, I love your attitude! You have got it nailed! There is no easier softer way!

    I look at you and see someone pushing themselves....hard. It doesn't matter if you weigh 300 lbs, 200 lbs, or 120 lbs....that's the look we ALL get when we push never gets easier, even when we reach our goal weight or goal measurements. Change requires our bodies to go through adaptation....and adaptation requires that we stress our bodies (and our minds). We have to convince our bodies that change is required by repeating the stresses on it over and over and over again.

    Embrace the suck and stay strong kiddo, you're doing great!

    1745 days ago
    I'm really glad you like us because we really like you!! emoticon I just want to say for the record, I never never noticed you were the "biggest gal on the team" and I did not think one negative thought upon seeing yours or ANYONES before pics. So just wanted to let you know that, I know we are our own worst critics, but just remember no one else is looking at you and critiquing you like you are. You are awesome and I'm so glad to have you on our team!! emoticon

    And can I just say HOLY STRENGTH BATMAN?! You are flippin amazing!! emoticon
    1745 days ago
    emoticon Annie... emoticon = emoticon
    I used to workout at an Olympic-Style Weightlifting Gym...I really had to stretch myself, but the progress was most definitely worth it. Lost weight, trimmed down, got stronger.
    I was on the BLC Team...Violet Venuses. They mean business. You will flourish through your sweat! Shine on!!!
    1745 days ago
    emoticon I see a strong and powerful woman in these pictures. I am in awe of anyone who has the courage to do Crossfit. I'm also in BLC 22, Powerful Prism Panthers. Good luck with the weekend challenge! And thank you for posting this blog and sharing your pictures!
    1745 days ago
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