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Back to the gym and... WOW!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Hi Friends!

Well here it is Friday and I have stuck with things for the entire week, yea me! I do not know what has come over me, but it is feeling great!

Yesterday I started back to the gym, and WOW I knew I had been gone... but at the same time, I must have had some mega vits or mega motivation, or mega something 'cause I doubled my time on the elliptical... granted my "time" was only 5 minutes but darn it, that 5 minutes killed me last time, and yesterday I managed to push it to 10 without passing out... Woot! Today I could only do 5 again, I tried but my legs were just jello, I have to give my muscles some time to readjust I guess.

Also increased my time on the strength training machines. Last time I could only go 10 reps at 40 lbs, this time I increased to 20 reps at 40 lbs. That was yesterday... today I did two sets of reps, the first 20 at 40 and the second 20, (some could only hit 15), at 50. So I am increasing daily!

So, the eating part is going well, I have stuck with it to a tee, and actually it's not been hard at all. Yesterday was a high carb day, and I followed his recipes and ate 1160 calories. Today was a low carb day, again I followed his recipes and only ate 980 calories.

I figure I better follow his, (Chris Powell), recipes for a bit till I get the hang of things. I am not happy with how low my calories were today. But I cannot get anymore into my tiny tummy. I try to eat what I can without getting sick,I am following his plan and just letting the calories fall where they may. I guess I will see how things go for now till I hear back from him, (his people I emailed, that is), on how I might get around that issue. It might turn out that he tells me to go ahead and just hang with the calories as long as I feel ok, and to be honest, I feel great!

I have not craved anything I should not have, which is good, and I have not found myself wanting to eat when I shouldn't either. I am so full most of the time just following what his plan is that I would not have room to eat junk or binge or anything anyway.

So... I am feeling good so far about this plan! We'll see what the scale says on Sunday!

A gallon of water a day... WOW, when I read that in his plan, I was shocked, but it actually has not been that hard. Of course working out helps, I drink every 5 when doing cardio and in between machines when doing strength, so I am getting plenty.

It's funny 'cause the joke with a friend of mine who is doing this with me is that we hope peeing burns calories, if so, I am good, 'cause that's all I seem to do nowadays LOL... Heck I was grocery shopping at the store tonight picking up things I need for the week, and in 45 minutes I had to use their bathroom twice LOL!

It's all good though!

So, any reservations? Nope not yet, doing great, feeling great... hanging in there totally! I hope you all are too!

Have a great weekend my friends!
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