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Friday, June 07, 2013


After being up for two days and being consumed by the grossness and icky feelings that go along with travelling back home from vacation, I am wiped out!

Haha I had a great time in Michigan visiting my sister! It's been years since she and I were able to have some quality time, and I loved getting to meet her fiancee and future in-laws and was glad to see that she is happy!

The time away was vacation in the purest sense. Mentally I was indulgent, relaxed, and didn't even give a thought to anything that I left here at home (really that's the true meaning of a vacation, isn't it?). The downside to that though is that I threw caution to the wind in every sense of the word. I didn't track food at all while I was there, and my sister and I roamed over having some local and not-so-healthy cuisine. Long story short - my scale says I gained 4.0 pounds.

Four pounds!!!!!!

Haha. Even though that's a huge gain, I'm not going to let myself regret anything I did, because it was vacation and I enjoyed myself (you have to accept the consequences when you make the decisions, don't you?). I'm hoping that since I haven't been off the plane six hours, a lot of the weight is water weight and my body adjusting from the travelling and the time change and the sleeping schedule and whatnot. If I'm lucky, now that I'm back home and ready to get right back on track, my body will respond positively and drop some of this (hopefully water) weight off.

Haha instead of going straight to sleep, I allowed myself a short nap before getting my spring cleaning on (that's a way to burn calories for sure!). As of right now I'm at about 1100 calories for the day, and between the exhaustion and the meal I had, I'm not really going to eat anything else before passing out for the night. As soon as I get my finances back in order (haha I as overindulgent there while on vacation, too) and get the bills and such planned for the next week, it's off to the grocery store for a bunch of fresh goodies.

Even though it is Friday night and I so rarely have those off, I'm kind of looking forward to staying in. Everyone else is out so I have the whole house to myself, and having a newly cleaned livings space and fresh laundered bed linens sounds like they'd be perfectly paired with a bubble bath and a movie/book.

Hopefully tomorrow doesn't go by too fast, because it's back to work on Sunday! I can't be too mad, though, because after six days of work it's my three day weekend! Haha I planned that out pretty perfectly, if I don't mind saying so.

Anywho, the laundry is about done so I better get back to it. Haha if I stay still too long I might pass out. Hope everyone in Sparkland is having a fabulous start to the weekend!
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    You always get so caught up in numbers! 4 lbs. How long were you gone? How long were you not tracking. Let's see... To gain 1 lb a day, you would have to eat an excess of 3500 calories over your maintenance level every day to actually gain that much. I somehow doubt you truly gained 4lbs of fat :P

    You know there are a bajillion other reasons for weight fluxuation! You are smart! Don't get caught up in a numbers game you have set yourself up to lose :P

    After all, if you guys did a lot of walking, there's definitely a little bit of water retention due to muscle inflammation there. Water from sodium, maybe 1/2 lb of actual weight gain, etc :P It's not that bad! I'm sure you'll see a lot of that drop off right away after a few days of being on track again!

    I'm glad you had fun with your sis, though. You've been super stressed lately, so it's great you had some quality time to unwind :) Regret nothing! I always get excited about travelling and eating new and strange things, so I hope you enjoyed every bite!

    I think of vacay food like a credit card. Your weight is your account balance, and you're going on vacation without a penny to your name. When you overeat, you charge it to your card, and have to pay it off when you get home. A little bit is not a big deal, and totally worth it for the fun you have! In the end, you still have to pay off the balance, though XD I've almost paid off A-kon!
    1750 days ago
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