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Yesterday Was Tough

Friday, June 07, 2013

It was the first day of summer break for my oldest (entering 3rd grade next year). The morning started out pretty good. I woke up early and had time to do my Spark Coach first thing, wake myself up with some tea, quiet moments, reflection, planning time and a healthy smoothie. The only major challenge I was experiencing was excruciating back pain. Somehow, when I was cleaning the kitchen/filling spice containers in my cabinet (up and down on step stool) the day before, I moved the wrong way and felt this horrible pinch on my low back. Took some Ibuprofen, felt better, went for a 4 mile run in the afternoon. Ice on back in the evening.

Back to the morning; things going fairly well, in spite of back pain. Then the kids got up. God love 'em.

I had planned to take them to a horse rescue down the road from my Dad's house. The place was having a garage sale benefit, and offering horse/pony rides. The girls were all geared up and excited to go.

It was raining.

But, I checked the weather, and it appeared that the rain would be subsiding by late morning, and I found out from their Grandma Linda that the horse/pony rides didn't start until noon anyway. Just had to dig out the rain boots for everyone.

The more I moved around, the more it became quite clear that I was going to have to do something about my back. I called the chiropractor and got an appointment for later in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my 'regular' guy was on vacation, so I was going to have to see his partner whom I had seen in the past, and was not so helpful. And, the kids were not listening to me, but were, rather, mesmerized by the television. And, I tried to make some special tasty muffins for them, but they ended up overcooked and tasted like crap. I had 3 pieces of bread for toast left (3 pieces, 3 kids - should work). Burned one of them. Not a good cooking day for me. Threw out burnt toast, cut up two remaining, distributed pieces on 3 plates; patted self on back for overcoming obstacles.

At this point, the pain in my back became debilitating. So, I called up my Master Delegate, and politely directed my children to "bring Mommy this" and "take that over to your sister", and "go upstairs and fetch thus which can be found 'here'..." For a while, this worked well, until we got to the task of tidying the living room. This always seems to be a sticking point. Though I've directed this activity many times, and made my expectations perfectly clear, everyone seems to develop temporary lapses in understanding and extreme bouts of distractedness where tidying the livingroom is concerned. Usually to the point where I have to say, "I'm setting the timer. You have "x number of" minutes (depending on the level of current state of disaster). If the livingroom is not tidy by the time the timer goes off, we will not go ride horses." Which was a dumb thing to say, because I really wanted to go to the garage sale.

The bottom line was, the living room did not get tidied in the allotted time. So, I had to backtrack and problem solve. We came up with 3 improvement strategies for the next time, and I let them know that in this special circumstance, I would trust that they will remember their improvement strategies, and follow through on them for the next time. However, should they breach my trust the next time, the consequence of not being able to enjoy the 'fun event' would be followed through. Everyone understood. We went and enjoyed the garage sale and horse riding.

I left the kids with Grandparents and went to my doomed Chiropractor appointment. What a waste. I knew it would be. Afterward, I went to the library, picked up the copy of the Juicing Bible on hold for me, and checked out some Yoga videos.

Then - headed to the mall, straight for the Accupressure kiosk. I knew those folks would beat my aching back into submission. And lo, the heavens opened, and 45 minutes later, I was RIGHT.

This morning, my back, neck and shoulders feel sore - but it's an 'on the mend' type sore, rather than the debilitating pain and tightness I had been experiencing.

YAY Accupressure! I highly recommend!

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    Nothing worse than pain... so glad you found a solution before the day wound down!
    1689 days ago
    Thanks for reading my sadly starting, but triumphant ending novel of a blog post! : )
    1689 days ago
    I'm so glad that you're feeling better, though it was quite the struggle to get there. Kudos for sticking with that challenge!!!

    1689 days ago
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