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BLC 22 Goals & Fit Test

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Can I just say how flippin excited I am for BLC? The reason I am so excited about this round specifically, is not only because I have an amazing team, emoticon but for the first time I am hitting my stride in between rounds. I have not been this excited and on point with food AND exercise since the beginning of my journey 14 months ago. This is my 3rd round of BLC, but the first round where I'm not using the round as a reason to get back on track, I'm already on track... and that track is running straight forward to Onederland! emoticon

My goal for this round is to make it my best yet, the first round I lost 14.4 pounds and I am looking to beat that. My goal is 16.6 pounds this round. That is a weird number but it will take me from 211.6 to 195, so let's rock this! emoticon

My Goals For BLC:
emoticon: Get in 300 fitness minutes per week (gotta get my points).
emoticon: Participate in ALL challenges.
emoticon: Get enough points to become a "Dutiful Deputy"!
emoticon: Be able to be PROUD of what I accomplish during these 12 weeks. Last round, well um, not so much LOL. emoticon
emoticon: Do exactly what I did the entire month of May which includes: Exercising daily, tracking/weighing all food and being in range and getting in my water.
emoticon: I also have a goal to WORK on the things that we did in the fitness test (below). I can't come back in 12 weeks and expect to be able to do more when I don't do those things regularly during the 12 weeks. I get that this time and the idea of "beating the record" sounds great!
emoticon Lose 16.6 pound (Goal weight of 195). This one is last because I can't control the exact amount of weight I lose, but I can control all of my habits listed above! emoticon

BLC Challenge:
Our gracious Cappy wanted us to take a photo of our flexibility so we could compare it in the coming weeks. Can we just say there is nothing flattering about this angle?

*BTW, my brother who took the picture refused to take it with me slumped all the way forward, with my gut pressed into my knees and reaching to my toes, he said that wasn't the proper way to stretch, so eff him LOL. So this is as good as HE would tolerate*
And Fitness Test Results:

1 Mile Walk: 19.37
Crunches: 50
Plank: 20 seconds
Wall Sit: 50 seconds
(Modified) Squats: 15
(Wall) Pushups: 25
(For Fun) Hula Hoop: 3 minutes (7 is my highest record but it's yet to be duplicated LOL)
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