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10% Weight Gain? I don't think so!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Many people at group were talking last night that most of us will experience a weight gain of 10% -- so for me that would mean about 13 pounds. I don't think so! That is just another reminder for me to be mindful of everything I eat and do. As Mad Eye Moody would say "Constant Vigilance"!

A few days ago, Spark Coach asked us to find our healthy lifestyle mantras - here are mine

"It never tastes any better than the first bite"
"Constant Vigilance"

Those are 2 things I need to remember! I will NOT regain my weight!
I realize that there will always be fluctuations - I will be happy at 130-135. Past that... not so much. I have the tools and I must be mindful at all times how to use them. I also need to learn moderation and working things in like treats for special occasions. I will do this and I REFUSE to become a statistic! I don't want to be the "norm"!

Which brings me to.... my next point - me being a slacker

On Monday, I rode my bike 32 miles. Pretty impressive! Whoo Hooo me! I didn't intend on riding that far, it just kind of happened.

Tuesday, I went with my Mother to a tattoo shop about 1 1/2 hours away from where i live. I didn't work out

Wednesday... I volunteered at the library, went tanning (more on that in a few) and went to group. My plan was to go to the gym after group, but I didn't make it. Why? Because I forgot to eat a healthy, filling snack and was starving! I was uncomfortable hungry, and I knew that if I tried to work out, it would not end well. Again, I have to be mindful of those things! Not an excuse.

Thursday (today) - I am not sure what my excuse is. Other than laziness. That is unacceptable, and I know it, yet, here I am, and I didn't leave with enough time - I guess I will go after work - which sucks because I am tired, but it must be done

I started tanning... you know - fake and bake? There is a reason for my madness... Every year I burn and I burn bad. So, I thought this year, since I plan on being out more showing of my sexy old lady thighs, I would start out getting a base tan, then when I go out swimming, I won't burn as much. Yes, I wear sunblock. I usually wear SPF 50+ and I still burn. So, hopefully this will help. I will say, it is only my second session, but I can see how people get addicted to it. Laying in that bed is like laying in a warm cocoon of nice. I think I may bring along the Harry Potter audiobook. That would be like heaven!

So, here is the game plan for next week

1. Exercise - I love doing it, so I need to do more of it! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets done until I have worked out. Everyone in the house (Boyfriend and cats) will have to wait until I have gotten in what I feel is an adequate workout. (starting after work tomorrow)

2. Junk food -- none. no excuses for poor eating. I don't care if my weight has remained constant - that isn't an excuse to justify eating something with poor nutritional value. There are no "special occasions" coming up so... (starting today, from this second)

3. Water water water and more water. I am not a big drinker, but I need to be. This is the area of the healthy lifestyle I struggle with the most. No more excuses (that is starting today)

So there you have it. I will not regain my weight!
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