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What Holds You Back From Losing Weight? Try EFT Tapping!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I just listened to an amazing online talk by Jessica Ortner on how to use EFT tapping for weight loss. This really works and helped me to overcome the fear that came when I lost 14 pounds on my first green juice reboot, weight hadn't been able to get off off in the first 2.5 years, and tapping helped me to get down to the lowest weight in 7 years. I still use EFT tapping daily, an easy, free method that is quick and works.

In addition to tapping on the meridian points such as on the eyebrow (bone), Jessica also asked some amazing questions about what holds us back from losing the weight. So many of us hit road blocks to weight loss, even when we seem to be doing so much right. Stress is a major factor in all this, which she explains.

Jessica Ortner also asks other important questions, such as the following:

1. What is the down side to losing weight? Another way to ask that is what is the upside to staying the same?

(For instance, one of Jessica's clients had to face that she couldn't blame the lack of intimacy with her husband on her weight. Another might realize that it is much easier to be with overweight family members when overweight. Other people won't feel threatened.)

2. Is there a reason that being thin would feel unsafe? Is there a reason that being sexy and beautiful would feel unsafe? (Feeling unsafe is a major factor for most women.)

3. When in my life did I feel deprived? (Many grew up without enough food in the house or had other times in life when food was not plentiful as it is now. Others were put on strict diets.)

4. When did my battle with weight begin? (Jessica Ortner's weight battle began during puberty, when she developed and was noticed by boys. She felt safer being overweight.)

5. What were the emotions I felt back then at that point that I gained weight? (For instance, a person who felt unsafe or uncomfortable or angry over cruel remarks would tap on that.)

6. What would I have to do if I lost a lot of weight? (Many people have said that they will do certain things only when they lose weight such as get a new job or career, start dating again, travel, get up on the stage to speak, dance, etc.)

7. What feelings would I have to face if I wasn't eating? (Loneliness is a common one, as is anxiety.)

8. What is it that I am trying to escape?

9. If weight is a metaphor for some aspect of my life, what would it be? (For instance, one person might say that the weight is a heavy anchor that keeps the person from going on a journey.)

10. What or whom am I rebelling against? (Jessica tells about rebelling against a mentor who said that no one would listen to her because she was fat. Someone else might rebel against a parent who was constantly bringing up weight, being insulting, demeaning, ridiculing, etc. For someone else it could be a partner, a friend, a boss, etc. People who rebel are trying to take back power for themselves but are doing it in a way that hurts them and keeps on the weight.)

11. Do you feel safe shining? (That is something to tap on, too. Many people get specific breakthroughs by now and can specifically tap on that.)

12. Do you have the belief that everything will be perfect, a utopia, once the weight comes off? Are you waiting to live your life until you reach that ideal weight? Are you saying that you won't get that job or that career until you lose the weight? That you are not going to date, dance, travel, or otherwise go after goals and dreams until you lose the weight?

Jessica makes the point that having this belief robs us of life, we put ourselves in our own jail and need to set ourselves free. Live your life now, Jessica urges. She notes that happiness helps us to look a certain way. Our weight is a metaphor. She personally taps daily, and she often envisions something she wants, just before she goes to bed. She then taps on that. If it makes her feel uncomfortable, she asks herself why.

Before tapping, rate the stress from 1 to 10. Then rate it after a few rounds of tapping. How do you feel? Better? Less anxious? Less fearful? The tight knot in the stomach or chest has gone away? Etc.

Tapping is also a great way to understand more of what is going on below the surface.

To try out Jessica Ortner's wonderful tapping seminar online for free, here is the link:''

Also, Jessica Ortner's brother has just come out with a book on tapping:


The Hay House Summit going on now features 110 speakers, and today's lineup includes Dr. Wayne Dyer as well. Don't miss out!

I found Jessica's online talk so helpful, not just for the reminders about tapping but also for the questions she poses for her listeners. So many weight loss programs never get to the emotions behind the weight gain and don't get to the heart of the matter.

For me, EFT tapping helped me to breakthrough what was holding me back from losing over 35 pounds, and I'm still going strong with it. I use it to go to sleep at night and for many other reasons as well. Tapping is quick, easy, effective, and free. Kris Carr, author of "Crazy, Sexy Diet," said that one 15-minute tapping session worked better for her than years of counseling.

Even if you decide not to check out tapping, try answering the questions posed. You might come up with some fascinating answers.

Note: Ms. McLean's meditation workshop is awesome, too. Check out the Hay House Summit.
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KALIGIRL 6/7/2013 8:42AM

    Excellent resource and questions - emoticon

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QUOOTIE 6/6/2013 3:09PM

    thought provoking

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DOTTIEJANE1 6/6/2013 3:02PM

    Sounds interesting emoticon shall look into it .

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