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What have I been up to since the beginning of the year

Thursday, June 06, 2013

What have I been up to since the beginning of the year people are asking, so here you go…

I have been busy working with emoticon , who was an absolute BEAST Jan/Feb. He is just so sick of the indoor arena, but living in the Midwest, there is not much of a choice! He would all of a sudden bolt across the arena at break neck speeds, do ‘aires above the ground’
see the Courbette, more like this but there was NO balancing first, that would give a rider advance warning!

He finally worked out of it thankfully. I almost sent him packing. He was seriously hurting my back during this time. Yes, we did change the saddle as well.

Then I was wrapped up in managing a herding trial. Then I got a foster dog that is taking up time too.

Started running again, but having shoe issues. Grrr. Now I am waiting on free time to go pick up a new pair… and what is stopping me is, you guessed it. emoticon .
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Some of the following pic’s are a bit graphic if you have a very weak stomach.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon needs shoes spring/summer/fall. Get front shoes on. Two days later, promptly loses left shoe. Shoe put back on. Two days later promptly loses left shoe AGAIN and is very lame, has kick on upper left leg. This is a Tuesday.
Wednesday get shoe put back on. Farrier finds an abscess in left foot foot. Need to start soaking foot. So Thursday, I have Epsom salts in the car ready to soak the hoof. Get text from barn manager with picture of a swollen shoulder. emoticon got kicked pretty good and I should come out and cold hose it. Thanked her and said I was planning on being out there. She gave him Bute (aspirin).

Here is his shoulder Thursday

So, cold hose the left (of course) shoulder for 10 minutes. Then warm soak the left foot for 10 minutes. Keep looking at the shoulder and wonder if it is a puncture wound vs just a kick…

Friday am, call vet to see if anyone will be in the area to get more bute. No luck. Couple hours later, get another text from barn manager that emoticon worse and probably needs vet/antibiotics. Great.

Call vet and meet out there. Yup, it’s a puncture wound. And OMG it has swelled at least 4 times in size! So now I am cold hosing for 20 minutes, internal wound and oral antibiotics, more bute, and keep soaking hoof. Sigh I am not riding, I am just getting soaking wet and making my horse mad at me w/ all the stuff I am shoving down his throat!

I also have elected to pay for private turn out. Not want I wanted as he won’t have the ability to really run off steam or graze and there is no real shelter, but what’s the point of your horse being an idiot and getting himself hurt all the time? Thankfully each day the swelling is going down so there is no need for a follow up vet visit. I’ll be able to stop the oral drugs this Friday. What I want to stop is the cold hosing! Especially with the weather right now, 60’s and rain.. who wants to stand outside for 20 minutes with cold water splashing around? emoticon certainly doesn’t! And it doesn’t take much for emoticon to convince me that 15 minutes is good enough!

Friday's pictures, first one, basically about 3" from the top, all the way to the bottom is swelling

There is a fund raiser ride in Caledonia on the 15th. I certainly hope emoticon is sound to ride by then!
TIP TIP TIP – if you have an animal with a weeping wound, put Vaseline on the hair under the wound, following the weeping trial. This will help prevent the burn on the skin and sloughing of hair.
Physical wise… I started running up again. I am needing something to focus on otherwise I don’t have enough time slotted for the run. But 15 minutes is better than no minutes! I think I am going to get a Hal Higdon training plan for ½ or 10K and modify it based on my experience doing the Jeff Galloway ½ plan two yrs ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to exceed the 8 mile work w/o the knee pressure I had two yrs ago.

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