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Thursday, June 06, 2013

After the swift kick in the ass yesterday I decide to go for a walk to reinforce the message to my body that play time is over, I ended up doing just under two miles with the baby stroller. After I got about a mile out I realized that my son would be home from school in 5 minutes and I needed to be there to let him in so I hustled back for the second mile and just made it as his bus pulled up. If mowing the lawn counts I did that as well as far as exercise and I am coming to the realization that I am going to have to go see a doc about this shoulder pain so that can start in on my daily push ups again.

I will touch on the shoulder, nine months ago give or take I started having shoulder pain in my right shoulder, at first it was minor but its since gotten way worse and I believe it to be rotator cuff related. I can do daily life type stuff but anything past that is painful especially if I were to throw a ball, that motion is the worse. I need to look at this go at weight loss as new, when I was 500 pounds I needed to do things a certain way because of where I was then at 300 pounds I was almost unlimited yet now I am somewhere in between and if I think like that 500 pound guy I am in the wrong spot and I am not close to where the 300 pound version of me was so taking it head on as it is a completely new experience is how I need to advance through this.

Setting goals is going to have to be in my approach because well.. goals help and give a fella something to focus on while turning down brownies and declining the cherry pie. Setting a cycling goal for myself is on the chart and setting weight loss goals will be less prevalent this go around, I mean hell I am a scale addict when I am doing well so I will be aware of what my weight is doing but I have come to the realization that I really don;t care what I weigh if I am unhindered in anything that I want to do. This sort of means that if I can do my 25 mile Sunday rides without death finding me on the trail or flattening my bicycle I am happy, currently I am not confident on my bicycles not because I cannot ride them but I worry about breaking something so riding tender will be where I am.

Riding tender? what the hell does that even mean man? well it means that even being a "clydesdale" rider I am merciless with my bikes, I RIDE my bikes, I do tend to ride light but at my current weight I feel that I may be pushing my luck even while riding light. When I say riding tender I mean literally just getting the pedals turning on easy rides, no standing on the pedals and no off road excursions because "hey that little trail over there looks fun" but I do need to get back out there even if its short trips to get things going again and perhaps gain some confidence back.

I recently bought some big ol fatty tires for the K2 which is pictured above they are CST Cyclops 26 x 2.4 tires and are extremely ummm rotund so I am using that as a reason to get back onto the bike as well. My shoulder keeps me from riding as much as I would like to as well, but it is what it is I suppose for now but I am hoping to get things lined back up and having my body begging for mercy again because this me begging for mercy just don't fly.

So with all of that said it is time for me to hit the road and get a couple miles into my day, I am going to try and get a few minutes later for a quick spin around the lake as well because when I am moving the eight typically comes off. I hope that was enough random for your day coming from my direction because that's what I got for today, I have never seen cookies jump into someones mouth on their own before so as long as I don;t pick any up they should stay out of my mouth.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1254 days ago
    You may have a frozen shoulder. Hurts like heck... but eventually - usually about a year - it "unfreezes".

    Yeah for more bike riding!!
    1262 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/27/2013 9:15:10 AM
    I'm just getting back at it after losing and gaining..........your blog is great! I love the end about the cookies.......just is really such a help to me. thanks.
    1265 days ago
    I love reading your blog - here or on Zeusmeatball. Welcome back! The journey never really ends, just the terrain changes on you once in a while. Best of luck with your shoulder.
    1275 days ago
  • KNH771
    Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Hope you get an answer and some relief soon.
    1279 days ago
    I sure hope it's not your rotater cuff because that's one of the hardest things to fix
    1280 days ago
  • JENNY160
    I like your honesty and your perspective on things.
    1280 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1282 days ago
    1282 days ago
    hi! hope that shoulder heals. i have an elbow holding me back from heavy lifting...since last March
    1282 days ago
    Thumbs WAY the heck up to getting back on the bikes! I know cycling is a vital life force in your veins as it is in mine! And you BET mowing counts! I'm hoping rain holds off so I can mow when I get home as I'm going to be away to the Great Finger Lakes Bike Tour this weekend and the lawn will be a jungle if I don't get 'er done beforehand.

    1283 days ago
    Hey there! I'm so happy to see you here. Just wanted to say that I had a bum shoulder for months, and was really worried it was rotator cuff stuff (I swim a mile two or three times a week, and man, it hurt!) I finally went to my husband's deep-tissue massage therapist (cause I was scared to go to a doc and find out it was something "real" ... haha). After three brutal (I mean, like, I was BRUISED!) sessions with the massage therapist, the shoulder was back to great. So you might wanna at least try it. Hurts so good, I guess you'd say.

    Anyway, I've been on bike, too, a lot lately ... and I always think of you and Pumpkinface when I ride. Nothing like it, right?
    1283 days ago
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