Fighting my inner fat kid

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I've been eating bad lately... and as a result my belly is back. I'm talking super jiggly, tire around the middle belly. AND I HATE IT. Seriously. What the heck have I been doing? Answer: eating like crap and not working out.

Solution: start eating healthy and working out.

SO I'm going to get back on the old wagon and get moving. And I'll shut up and wear my Spanx until then. The hardest part right now is telling myself 'no.' I somehow have justified bad eating habits. I know I am excuse-o-rama right now with graduating, moving, living out of a suitcase, blah blah blah. I'm calling bullish*t on myself.

Yes it is easier to diet and exercise in your own place, but its not impossible to do it without one. I can still try and walk to lunch and get some movement. I can still do crunches, lift weights, squats, planks, etc at the house I'm staying at... I can still stop buying chocolate (and ignore shark week cravings). I can still tell people that, 'no, I do not want that delicious free pizza you're offering me' (well, this one has been hard!!!)

Basically I hate my belly. My belly is a direct result of my eating and exercising... or lack thereof. Mission ban the belly has begun. I use to do 5000 crunches (in like 10 different positions) when I was on my game. My core was strong, I felt great, I had abs under flab... Now I'm back to square one. For anyone who goes "oh god, I could never do 1000 crunches" = I'm right there with ya! Two night ago I did just 100 on a balance ball. Last night I did modified oblique crunches... just 200. I'm slowly getting back into my groove.

I also e-mailed a gym. I use the excuse of not having my own stuff and place as an excuse to not workout... so I'm going to find a place to workout. The gym I e-mailed has a pool attached to it that has women only hours from 5:30-7AM. And its close to the house I'm staying at... so if I join my goal will be to get up at 5:30, drive there, swim from 6-7AM, and go home and shower and get ready for work.

Let's see A) how much it costs and B) can I make it happen. I have not been in a pool in years. Like a looooong a$$ time. I was on the swim team growing up. I was a fish. I lived in the water. I would get up at 8am, ride my bike 3 miles to the pool, swim for over an hour, ride my bike 3 miles back home, make lunch, ride my bike 3 miles to the pool, swim for three hours, and ride my bike back home 3 miles... and I was still a chubby flubby little girl. I'm fighting some genetics here people. My sister who did the same routine and ate the same food I did was always a stick. AND I was always a fluffy bunny.

I'm excited to start swimming. I am scared sh*tless of wearing a suit in public. SO that's why the women only swim sounds like a great solution. Plus I splurged and bought some new swim bottoms.

Since I'm so dang tall... no bathing suits are long enough. Plus these are high-waisted and will help hold in the belly roll. I have a tankini top (not ideal for swimming I know) but hey, its better than nothing. If I sign up I'll go ahead and get some goggles and go get my flip turns on.

Its my goal anyway. I am just hoping to stay motivated. My inner fat kid is screaming for ice cream and pizza and chips and soda. Working on my control is going to be key right now. So I'm focusing on that. Working on trying to make better food choices... And keeping my fingers crossed that the scale will be my friend this month.

Spark on everyone. I'm trying to keep in touch with people on here, but i've also been really busy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Modcloth has some amazing suits eh?!?! you can do it...getting up early to gym has posed a struggle for me but just having it available close to you will definitely help.

    You can do it, as you have in the past. The inner fat kid makes an appearance in all of us....I just finished a visit myself...haha.

    1718 days ago
    I call mine my inner fat girl. I was really skinny as a kid. But my inner fat girl has been rearing her head a lot lately! Enjoy the swimming! I love the pool! I wouldn't get in one though if it wasn't for my boys wanting to swim ALL THE TIME!
    1722 days ago
    Maybe with swimming to you'll drown your inner fat kid. ;) good luck!
    1722 days ago
    Those bottoms are the cutest!!

    I think your inner fat kid and my inner fat kid should get together, and disappear into the abyss!!
    1722 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    Those bottoms are TOO CUTE. Good luck!! Swimming is so fun, and wears you out!! I know once you start with the pizza and ice cream, you can't stop. Pizza is my personal weakness emoticon
    1722 days ago
  • SLEE103
    even before I saw the link I knew those swim bottoms were from Modcloth, and I hadn't actually seen them on the site! Those are SO CUTE and so perfect! I love Modcloth. I know you'll get to wear you want and rock them ;)
    1722 days ago
  • STODD251
    So much about this blog resonates with me. I have been making excuses for the better part of the last six months and that is why I have not been losing any weight. It is so hard to make that inner fat kid quit wanting all the yummy, bad stuff.
    1723 days ago
    That's a killer swim bottom!
    I'm with you, just last night my inner fat kid won.. She got way too much ice cream, Cheetos and peanut butter.. Sigh. It's hard to shut her up though, she's always rears her head in the evening time after I've been good for a whole day. And I keep justifying it. I smell a saboteur...
    1723 days ago
  • JMANDA86
    I am fighting my inner fat kid lately too (well, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a fat kid, just never skinny and I turned into a fat adult). We had our little festival where I live last weekend and I didn't do as bad as I could've but went out to eat too much and visited the candy store and indulged myself like an 8 year old! (It's the cutest, tiniest store ever that's been there since the 20's, in an alley that they put a roof on. Look at the pictures, it's adorable!
    I swam as a kid too. The summer two a days, I got to a point where I hated them. I wish I had a pool to swim in. Once you get back into it, look into Master's! I swam at the Masters National meet in April 2012 in Greensboro and it was so fun even if I hadn't swam in like 12 years! It was a fun atmosphere and there were lots of former Olympians (and Cullen Jones!).
    I can't remember where you live, but most cities have teams. I wish I could afford to join here but ours is insanely pricey (that's what happens when you live in the rich Chicago burbs!).
    1723 days ago
  • KCLARK89
    You can do it!! Just don't try to push yourself way too hard getting your groove back. It will come back naturally; you don't want to burn out!
    1723 days ago
    I recommend the 0 to 1650 program to get back into swimming. You can always shorten the first couple of weeks if they are too easy. I'm on week 3 (=

    1723 days ago
    Those may be the coolest swim bottoms I've ever seen. You are going to rock it!
    1723 days ago
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