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20 week ultrasound - so far, so good, we think!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday, and everything went pretty well, for the most part. Baby A is in a position (vertex) that made it easier for the sonographer to see it, so she got lots of measurements and the only thing that concerned her (which she didnít mention until the end of the exam, which took well over an hour for the pair of them) was that the femur length was right about the 10th percentile, which is borderline as an indicator of Down syndrome. "Normal" is apparently anywhere in the 10-90th percentile, and less than 10 could indicate a Down syndrome-related shortness of limbsÖ.or the kid could just be short. Short-leggedness does kind of run in my family. My blood screening results showed a less than 1 in 10,000 chance of having a child with DS, so the sonographer seemed to feel like it probably wasnít anything to worry about yet. A is also about 11 ounces right now, which is right on track with its age.

B is the one on top (thus its designation as B) and itís in a transverse position, so the sonographer had a harder time seeing everything. Plus I have all the loose belly skin from my weight loss and the scar tissue from my appendectomy last fall to further complicate visibility, and Bís head is kind of stuffed up under my ribs at the moment Ė so lots of little challenges! There were a few shots she just couldnít get, even when she pummeled my stomach a bit, so theyíll look at those areas again in a month when I go back for another ultrasound. But otherwise, Bís measurements were great; itís actually 14 ounces, which is tracking a week ahead! LOL I canít say Iím surprised, given how much I keep eating.

I keep saying ďitĒ because we havenít told all of our family the genders yet. Weíre seeing them tomorrow, so I wanted to wait and tell them in personÖand until I do that, I donít want to announce anything to anyone else. :)

I will say, however, that my husband and I were both a little disappointed and then of course felt guilty; of the 3 possible combinations, the one weíve got is the one that would have been the last choice for either of us, but obviously we will love them SO much and be so happy with them. When the sonographer was talking about A and the possibility that there could be a problem, we both got VERY worked up and protective. So I donít mean to say that I am not grateful for the wonderful gift of children we worked so hard for and have been blessed with. But I think perhaps it is not unusual for parents to have hopes or expectations of their own built up, and then end up with something different. (My sister-in-law apparently really wanted a boy and she said she was actually sobbing in the OBís office when she found out it was a girl.) That doesnít mean such parents will love their kids less. I think itís just life, to think things will happen one way and then have to make some mental adjustments to accept the life that maybe you wouldnít have chosen, but that was given to you anyway.

LOL okay that sounds very melodramatic. I donít mean it to beÖ.Iím just sort of thinking ďout loudĒ and still trying to make my own mental adjustments. I love my babies with all my heart and I canít wait to meet them and be sure that theyíre okay and then continue to spend the rest of my life loving them and worrying about them constantly!
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