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Fat Shaming

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Reposted from a friend. I absolutely love this!
A Rant About Fat Shaming-

I used to be that fat kid, the one everyone looked and pointed at. The one who got mooed at for eating and shamed for my appearance. Such things seem harmless enough to our society- but people need to know what those words and actions really do to people.

Fat-shaming is a specific variety of body-shaming. It is not the only kind of shaming that takes place, but it is one of the more common ones. Lots of folks think fat-shaming is perfectly acceptable. More than that, lots of folks think fat-shaming is actually a good thing, because with shame as a motivator, perhaps those darn fat people will stop being so fat.

It doesn’t work, though -- shame is not a catalyst for change; it is a paralytic. Anyone who has ever carried extreme personal shame knows this. Shame doesn’t make you stronger, nor does it help you to grow, or to be healthy, or to be sane. It keeps you in one place, very, very still.

-We need to realize that :
You can’t tell how healthy someone is just by looking at them.
You can’t tell how much someone eats or exercises just by looking at them.
Even if you could, it’s none of your business anyway.

To paraphrase Marilyn Wann: The only thing you can tell for sure by looking at a 'fat' person is the degree of your own bias against fat people.

You have no right to walk around and deem people 'fat' and unhealthy. You display extreme arrogance and cruelty when you do. Fat is not funny. Fat is not a joke. Fat is not a motivational word. Fat hurts.

I believe now, more than ever that people need to be concerned with their health and take the proper steps to be healthy- but telling people they are fat is NOT the answer, and demonizing people for how they look achieves nothing positive.

Being a larger person does not automatically make someone fat, like being a smaller person doesn't make someone anorexic. Skinny does not always mean healthy- and large does not always mean unhealthy.

We need to promote body positivity and healthy living and stop shaming people for how they look. Just at a glance you have NO idea who that person is, what they have gone through, or what they are currently doing for their health. All it takes is one snobby comment to completely derail someones fitness efforts and send them spiraling back into an unhealthy place. I see this happen all the time, and it makes me sick.

Keep your mouths shut if the only thing you have to offer is "Oh my god, she is fat" or "You'd look better if you weren't so fat".

-If you really care about people's health and want to help them; encourage healthy lifestyle changes and be supportive. Don't sit there like some superior being and label people at your own discretion. It makes you truly ugly and unattractive.

TIP:: Take a look at yourself before you even think of judging others.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just discovered your great post! Well said! Fat people know they are fat. Fat is a just a descriptor but it has unfortunately become an insult loaded with feelings of moral superiority on the part of the shamer and a perception of moral weakness and defect on the part of the fat person. For ¾ of my life I was thin, now I am fat. When I was thin I was a shamer, now that I am fat I understand the damage I did to other people. Call it karma.
    1179 days ago
  • LIZ324_NYC
    Great blog!
    1597 days ago
    yes. yes. yes. that's something that happens too much, and needs to stop. everyone's body and journey is different. it's not anybody's place but theirs to say whether they're healthy, or unattractive, or beautiful.

    i wish more people thought this way.

    thanks for sharing!
    1597 days ago
    I try not to judge others by weight/size, but I confess it happens sometimes. Just as I could almost read people's thoughts on the bus praying I wouldn't settle my bulk next to them when I was obese, now I silently hope the large person coming down the aisle won't squeeze in next to me. There I said it. First step toward overcoming the feelings.
    1597 days ago
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