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I am divorcing Wally

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

my dog

well no, not really, not entirely... he's my bud..

he loves to be outside, when he's not lounging or sleeping, literally sticking his nose into everything... which doesn't usually cause a problem when we are walking, but in my fledgling attempts to become a runner could lead to injury.... a dislocated shoulder or, as he weighs about 90 pounds and makes an awesome anchor when he has a mind to do so, worse...

because he leads a bit of a sheltered life I have felt guilty at the idea of going out to walk or run by myself - but wait, that's not so entirely true... he goes to daycare most weekdays and lives the life of Riley...

last night the light shown, shined? emoticon

he's gotten used to my getting him home on most Mondays and Wednesdays, throwing food at him and his buddies the cats, changing and going to the pool.. so what should it matter that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do the same only putting on running stuff instead of swimming stuff.. and then we walk afterwards.. he's going to notice the difference between suit and shorts? duh! Saturdays I can sneak in another one on the way home from Farmer's Market - or on the way if I get up in time..

and so I eat at 8pm everynight? big deal, at least for now...

so sorry bud - this is it... I am breaking the ties.... starting tonight an extra half to full hour to yourself (and your little furry buds)..


p.s. the morning after - I went he stayed we walked afterwards... boy did I miss his being there in one way - lost all those extra little breathing breaks!!! emoticon
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