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I think I just need to be happy with where I am...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Up and down, up and down... the scale will move within a 4-7 pound range depending on what I did the weekend before.
Last weekend, again, saw 181 on the scale. Monday, after having a semi good weekend, not too much over indulgences at all, it said 184.4. Really, that's not too bad, and I know some of it is water weight. But I lose it on the weekends. I relax a little bit and don't stay as strict because I want to have fun.

So maybe I just need to be happy with where I am. When I was losing the weight, I just wanted to be below 200... I got greedy when I finally got there and wanted to keep going. I don't even want to go too much further, just 6-7 more pounds to reach 175. I could get smaller, I'm sure, but I'm just happy. I'm happy that I lost over 150lbs, happy that I've been maintaining. Maybe I just need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to lose those last 7 pounds and just keep maintaining where I am. My body seems to be OK with where I am... maybe I should be too.

Otherwise, other than not being able to lose my last 7 lbs... I've just been doing lots of wedding stuff. My fiance and I went and looked at reception venues last weekend in Pewaukee/Waukesha area. We found one we like at a brewery, I'm just worried the hall will be a bit too small. We're planning on having about 175 people, and that's not including kids. We haven't decided yet on if we want kids there or not - I'm leaning towards no, but I know a lot of my family won't come then.

I'm still looking for my dress - I've found a few that I like, but nothing that I LOVE. But, one of the dresses would fit really well for the brewery venue, so maybe if I don't find one, I'll go with that one.

Two friends and I did the color run a few weeks ago in Racine. There were over 7,000 people there. It was COOOOOLLLD out, but a lot of fun! Can't wait for next year!

I'm really ready for summer. emoticon Its been colder here for this time of the year, and its getting a bit ridiculous. I shouldn't be wearing long pants, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks in June! I almost wanna even turn my heat back on some days! I'm ready to sit out on the lake and get some sun! Less than 18 days till my birthday and it better be 80 and sunny!!
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    I wish I was like you and have such a postive attitude. You definitley do have a good attitude.
    1538 days ago
    reading over all the comments seems everyone has you covered on the scale issue. scales are not my thing so I have little respect for the scale. Sounds like you feel good with how you look so toss the scale and enjoy one-derland!

    We have a birthday message board that I try to check every now and again I dont recall seeing any June birthdays on there. Perhaps you could visit the board and add your birthday so I can send you your team birthday goodie!

    1571 days ago
    Sooo cool that you guys looked at a Brewery! My fiance and I chose a local brewery as well for our wedding! I am soo excited! So many awesome ideas on Pinterest, and it'll be laid back.

    I think all that matters is that you find your happy weight- screw the # on the scale! If it keeps bouncing, maybe try mixing it up with different food and/or exercise, otherwise if you're happy, just accept it and who cares what that stupid number says! You're below 200- that is amazzzzing! Embrace your beautiful body, girl! :)
    1571 days ago
  • CC3833
    This is a great point. Sometimes we get "greedy". If you are happy at that weight I say go for it! You have done a great job at losing the majority the weight... 7 pounds really isn't all that much. Just have fun and have a range and keep to it. Who knows maybe the less you stress about those 7 pounds you may lose them!
    1571 days ago
    I like your idea! Practice maintaining, set goals for other "streaks" and stop obsessing a bit.

    Then, if you feel like gearing back up for the last few pounds, go for it!
    1572 days ago
    I can't even begin to tell you how happy your post makes me. I just finished reading another sparker's post about the very same thing. Learning to love your current self is sooo important. We only have this life to live and if we live it in this constant state of, "I'll only be happy with myself at such and such weight and size" then we may never end up being happy with ourselves. You've done a flippin fantastic job and it's good that you are celebrating that. That's not to say that perhaps your future efforts won't result in more weight loss but why not love who you are in the process.
    Again, wonderful self realization!
    1572 days ago
  • MINEA999
    I think you should just practice being happy with right where you are. By all means make sure you're staying in that range and not letting it creep but just give your mind a break so that when you see 181 you can just think - GOOD. I'm on track.

    Hang out there, get to know that # and love it and make it feel normal. And then maybe 6 months down the road if you really feel like you want to get to that 175, then give it another shot. Maybe all your body needs is some time to get used to this new size.

    Whatever you do - just relax!!!
    1572 days ago
    Great blog. I can relate to what you are thinking. I plateaued for what may have been a year. I wondered it my body just wanted to be there. I then finally lost once I started logging everything I ate.

    I find that when I put too much pressure on myself it makes things worse. Instead I find that it helps me to instead focus on eating as healthy as possible. I have worked pretty hard and long to determine what i really like. For example, I had a Krispy Kream donut the other week because my man picked up a dozen. It was great but after I realized I could have has TWO of my Vitatops that I love (that are packed with protein and fiber and keep me more full). I would rather have those.

    I still want to have fun on the weekends this summer but I realized quickly that my 220 calorie ciders where just too much. I am still finding the best alternative. Bottom line for me is that it takes time to tweak routines and see what works. Also, I know I need to be ready. Sometimes, I am just not ready to move forward quite yet with pushing.

    HUGS to you. You do what is right for you! and... keep pushing find that killer dress :)
    1572 days ago
    My first inclination is to recommend you shake things up a bit to try to lose those last 7 pounds. Get out of your routine. Try a different work-out or class. Switch around your food to where you are eating more early in the day and less later or vice versa. You get the idea. But if you really are content with where you're at, then just focus on maintenance and see how that goes. Maybe get a physical to make sure your doctor's content with where you're at as well.
    1572 days ago
    I was always told that people have a set point - a natural weight that is unique to you. im wondering if this is where your natural weight is? Perhaps just accept it, enjoy it, maintain it and either your body will stay here or maybe it'll lose a little more.

    I checked out your sp and you are a total inspiration!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your success!!
    1572 days ago
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