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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Thank you everyone for their comments, by the end of the day I was feeling a whole lot more positive, you have all been helpful and I asked a similar question on FB and got interesting comments.

Looks like the average cost for a family of food is between $250 - $400 a week, so it gave me a good idea as to what is realistic to expect.

Today I am having a meeting with a couple who are going to talk about how to save money on a budget ( tailored to my situation) and I will let you know what they say.

One of the people that responded on Fb sent me her menu for the week, I wanted to see how she came out at the lower end of the scale on food. Well looking at her menu I realized just why, she used more pre made packaged food than I do.

She does not buy organic at all, just no name or store brand stuff.

I don't' buy all organic, but I try to get it when I can and when it is on sale etc. I will not buy anything with glucose- fructose in it and I try to avoid GMO's!
When you factor in that my daughter drinks almond milk and I drink Rice milk, it makes a difference too!

My DH and I had a chat about it all last night and I am feeling much better about the whole situation. Granted part of the problem is that because I don't have a car I tend to go to the more expensive 24/7 stores, and it is usually late and I am tired so I don't always make the best decisions! So we are trying to work around that a little bit.

I know I can be more careful about what we spend on food I admit it, but I can't do miracles so the object of yesterday's questions about food budgets and eating healthy were to see where in the spectrum our family fits in. I am not very far off but could probably shave a few $$'s off here and there with more care.

I am looking forward to learning from others on how to be better at this! ( it does not come naturally to me! ) planning a week's menu in advance and sticking to it is HARD for me! I am more spontaneous and tend to want to prepare what I feel like at the time with what I have on hand. Being a creative, spontaneous sort of personality does not lend itself to rigid meal plans .

My husband and I did agree that we will not compromise our health by buying cheap and nasty food, I dont' care how cheap hot dogs are, they will NOT become a regular meal in our home! I will not buy the high sodium soups, I will continue to make mine from scratch even if it may be more expensive than the can that is on sale.

I will continue to get fresh produce and try to do the best I can to get local, non GMO foods.

I just can't back down on that. is with a little bit more optimism that I tackle the day! Yesterday I felt rather discouraged and overwhelmed!

So thanks for all the advice and support! You are all so priceless!

Oh and the update on the DUCK NEST:

More good news, I am down 1.4 pounds this morning!

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    emoticon A very successful day for you! I am so glad to hear all the discussion proved to be very fruitful for you all. Keep up the good work! You are all worth it!
    1753 days ago
  • UNICORN0827
    One way you may be able to save a little money is buying in bulk. I use only coconut sugar for my sugar and organic free range chicken broth. I use only pink sea salt and those are just for starters. I buy all my cocoa powder in bulk also as I make alot of homemade cakes cupcakes & brownies. Luckily I am not reactive to my own baking. But I buy alot of my stuff on amazon in bulk as my local stores are way more expensive on these items. I make almost everything from scratch I hate processed foods and now that I am doing the plan I am even more strict about it. But... it can be expensive. Try to grow your own herbs and use them fresh & dry them. I make my own vanilla using organic vanilla beans I get from ebay. Average cost for an 8oz jar of organic real vanilla extract 2.00. I also try to make freezer jam in the summer with my own sugar and raw honey. Look in the international sections of your grocery store sometimes things like flax, hemp, & chia seeds are less expensive there. I found chia seeds for 6.00 which the same size bag in another section of the store was 9.99. Eating well is unfortunately expensive. I buy free range chicken thighs to fill in with my free range chicken breast. Have a great day!
    1753 days ago
  • X5X52000
    1753 days ago
    There must have been something in the air yesterday. I too felt incredibly discouraged. I actually had a horrid bout of insomnia last night. My mind was spinning to dark and destructive places. It sucked. However, I finally stopped it by telling myself that today would be a new day and things would be more approachable and clear in the light. They have been too. It sounds like, for both of us. Yay!!!

    I hope you find enough good tips that you'll save those savable dollars w/o compromising on health and wellness. I believe it can be done.
    Best to you!!!

    1753 days ago
    I know, produce is expensive, but would you rather pay for your health now (good, nutritious food) or later (in health care bills and prescriptions)??? It really DOES make sense when you see things that way!

    It must be so much easier to feed a large family... eating for 1 is always way more expensive!
    1753 days ago
  • LIS193
    So glad you are feeling better. Talking it all out and getting some feedback really helps.
    I would suggest you channel your creativity into the meal planning with one mystery meal to allow for spontaneity :) A "clean the fridge and pantry" meal ?? Get the kids involved in the planning and cooking - they'll have fun.
    1753 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    We have built grocery shopping into our weekend schedule - generally, we put together the following week's dinner menu and grocery list over coffee Saturday morning, and then one of us hits the store while the other takes Kate to karate. That way, we do a full, thoughtful shop.
    1753 days ago
    Try googling what items are necessary as organic. Not all organic stuff is all its cracked up to be. I once googled it and it was a real eye opener. Are fresh veggies very expensive your end of the world? If I think how inexpensive cabbage, bags of butternut, onions etc (most of the staple veggies) are here, I regularly battle to understand that foods very expensive. Sure nuts and meat are expensive here, but not mealie meal, not rice etc.
    1753 days ago
    ps...thanks for the duckling update!
    1753 days ago
    emoticon On the scale going emoticon on your 1.4 loss emoticon

    I also don't by packaged stuff, sometimes sweet potato fries or fish stix, mac cheese but I buy the best of them like steamers or pure fish and read the labels. There are a new hot dog out that is turkey and pretty clean by Kraft. We do get those for Ds lunch but like you we don't get HFCS or look for lowest sugar content.

    For us, we do plan the week with some wiggle room. Maybe you could try that.....for instance we pre-cook/pack for the week prep, cutting veggis and fruits but once in a while throw in breakfast for dinner omelt with veggies.

    I drink almond milk and look for the one on sale or cost least $$$. But it is only $4 and last without spoiling so that makes it a savings.

    Clean eating magazine gives you the entire meal w/break down you could NOT buy the mag but look at it at the store/7-11 for ideas. Eggs. sweet potatoes and beans are the cheapest meals you can make we use those a bunch adding to lettuce for salads along with corn on cob in the husk in season very cheap.

    Tuna, PB and Turkey hotdogs are a staple for a fast lunch instead of fast food I just never eat the bread or have only 1 slice. We get nuts/granolas on sale only. And we eat from pantry to pantry which means we would be TOTALLY screwed if we were ever snowed in ;-)

    We buy only what we will be eating all week. Hope this helps you, I eat pretty much the same meals but I add seasonings to change it up. We emoticon U Mel!!!
    1753 days ago
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