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Home from Denver!

Monday, June 03, 2013

I had an amazing vacation and family celebration for my Aunt Jean and Uncle Ed's Golden wedding anniversary! It was a very physical, active and fun vacation! On Friday when I arrived I took an hour walk around my Hotel area. That night I went to a pizza party at my cousin's Beth house. Across from her home was a open park. My cousin Michele has a dog named Mia. Michele and I took Mia for a run around the park. Michele let Mia of the leash and we played chase. I never caught Mia, I came close once or twice, but Mia was too smart and quick for me. However for my efforts, Mia allowed me to give her a tummy rub after we both had enough!

On Saturday our family went cliff climbing. I was not going to go and was just was going to go for a walk. But then I decided that spending time with my family would be more fun than walking! So I went. I decided there was no way that I was going to climb. I was just going to be a spectator. Then my cousin Karen's husband Bob came up and asked me what size shoes I wear. The next thing I knew I had a pair of mountain climbing shoes on. Then all of a sudden I had a harness around my waist. Well the next thing I remember I am climbing up this fifty foot vertical wall! Now this was my first time climbing and thought that the arms were what got you up to the top. This worked up till the 75% level, then my hands went numb. My cousin Michele shouted to me 'Use your feet and legs!' So determined to reach the top I listened and made it! The fun part was coming down, you just sit back and relax to the bottom. Then I discovered I had broken a blister on my left hand and have a blister on my right finger.

That night was the party for the Golden wedding anniversary. It was a great time with family and friends of the family! I even had some anniversary cake and did not feel guilty about that. The cake was great! They had a slide show at one point and in one of the pictures I saw was an old picture of myself, thirty pounds ago. I did not believe that was me! My Uncle Ed gave a 20 minute speech at one point, and his daughters were very happily surprised that the whole time he did not say anything embarrassing, which occasionally he will do.

On Sunday there was a picnic up in the mountains at a beautiful State park. I was worn out a bit from the climb on Saturday so thought I would just relax and talk with family and friends. Then Michele said would you like to take a trail walk with me and Mia. So off I went, thinking it would be just a twenty minute walk. Michele lives in Moab, Utah and does a lot of trail walking. At one point she said to me how surprised she was that I was keeping her pace and not breathing heavily. I was very content with the praise from her. The twenty minute walk turned into an hour hike, we walked over three miles avoiding bikes along the way. We made it back just in time for me to catch my ride to the airport!

With all the exercise and good food when I stepped on the scale today I had lost half a pound. I did miss sparking for three days, but luckily I could track my food and exercise when I woke this morning. In some ways I am glad to be back home because I know where things are at. When I was in Denver I had to rely on family to get me around, which was a bit fun because I did not have to worry about directions, I just had to show up on time for my rides.

Update, I forgot to mention about my fractured tooth, that I was concerned about before I left. Because I had excellent emergency work done on Tuesday, before I went on Friday, the nerve had relaxed and during the vacation was pain free, even when I drank cold liquids. It still is not bothering me. Next month I will have a chance to have it checked out, for now I am very happy with the work that was accomplished on it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad you had a great trip. I've been so busy with a baby shower and now a birthday party. Managed to make it to my Mom's house for a few days to visit and help her pack.The 7th grand baby will be here soon!
    1678 days ago
  • K1TT3N
    Awesome .. so glad you had a wonderful trip

    1690 days ago
    This sounds like a wonderful trip. Your story about chasing the dog made me smile! Dogs are so fun - my dog likes to play chase too, and I can't catch her either! Also yay for trying climbing!! Awesome that you decided to go climb and try something new.
    1691 days ago
    Sounds like you had a FABULOUS trip! Welcome back to SP...we missed you!

    1691 days ago
    Sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad you were able to do all you did.
    1694 days ago
    emoticon back. sounds like a great time was had by all.
    1694 days ago
  • FLYER99
    Steven, I'm so happy that you had such a great time. It seems to me that Michele and Mia are awesome. I miss my dog, Megan. It gave me the chance to go for more walks. I'm so glad that you went and participated in all the fun, even down to eating some anniversary cake! How is your tooth? Did it bother you? Have a wonderful day!
    emoticon emoticon
    1694 days ago
    Welcome Back!!!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    1695 days ago
    Welcome sounds like you had a wonderful vac with your family. You really needed that....glad that you are back!
    1695 days ago
    emoticon back, Steven! Wow...what a fantastic vacation you had! I'm glad you had such a memorable time at your Aunt Jean and Uncle Ed's anniversary celebration(s)! Sounds like everybody there really and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, too :) Now, I've heard people out in Colorado are among the fittest and healthiest in the U.S., but to be immediately "recruited" into a cliff-climbing session - WOW!!! You were a very brave soul to just grab the mountain climbing shoes Bob gave you and head on up there. I'll bet Michele wasn't the ONLY family member to be rather amazed at the weight you've lost *AND* the fitness you've gained! Wasn't it great to see in such a tangible way how your hard work has all paid off so handsomely? You should be as proud of yourself as you are relaxed and happy to have enjoyed the festivities so :) emoticon
    1695 days ago
    emoticon back!!!
    1695 days ago
    So glad you had a good time. Obviously, you fixed your tooth issue beforehand.
    1695 days ago
    I'm so glad you had a great vacation! It sounds like you have a wonderful family.
    1695 days ago
    Wow! Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Very active no regrets. I'm glad you decided to go off with the family rather than be by yourself. You can always walk by yourself. Welcome back and happy Sparking! Hugs, Keke
    1695 days ago
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