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Monday, June 03, 2013

Well I try not to get discouraged, but I take weeks to lose 5 pounds, then a couple of social occasions and I am up 4 pounds, then I take a week to knock them off again and a weekend of social gatherings and up 4 pounds!
SO NET 1 pound lost since I started! Sigh!

AND bear in mind that it is only one meal a day that is not on Plan, the rest are!
Getting my water in daily has become a habit, one good thing at least!

So I admit it, I am discouraged!

I read about others who went off plan and gained 0.2! What?
I gain a pound per day! NO FAIR!
I am sooo reactive to wheat and rye and many other things that if I don't stick to The Plan STRICTLY I gain, just by default!

So what did I do to gain 4 pounds:

Friday I was too busy to eat properly, had to clean my house and prepare guest room for my MIL who came to stay the weekend. So dinner was fresh pasta and sauce, I didn't have any , I had salad!

Sat breakfast was good, but lunch was a Lavender and Lace Tea Party and it was so much fun! They served little sandwiches and gazpacho ( delicious)
And they had made the place so pretty! ( see previous blog for one pic)

Here I am with my MIL and SIL at the tea party!

Isn't that lovely?
Here are some more pics, but they may be sideways?

Then yesterday we went to a surprise 40th birthday party and I had steak and it was super soft and delicious! They had those pastries that are made with Phyllo pastry and spinach! Oh so good!

I took a dessert, made a sort of and adaptation of a protuguese thing with Maria cookies dipped in coffee and then with whipped cream and cherries. ( the cherries were added by me)

This morning my DH tells me we have to talk about $$$ Apparently I am spending too much on groceries! So tell me, how much do you spend on groceries a week?

We are a family of 4! How much do you think is reasonable, that included hot lunches for the kids at school, lunches for DH at work, coffee, toiletries and cleaning and household stuff.

So...I am planning out this week's menu and he better not complain that the food is boring, he can have CHEAP or INTERESTING and HEALTHY with variety , or he can have repetitive and cheap, but he can't have both.

let me know what you think is a reasonable amount for a week for a family of 4 including all of the above mentioned! Included entertainment food, like grabbing a coffee on the run or occasional take out etc.

So although VERY frustrated, I am trying to find a solution for both scenarios! If I eat the cheap food, I will gain weight! Sigh! If I keep on with the veggies and salads and lean meats, nuts and seeds, the grocery bill goes up! So I feel like I am trapped in the middle!

It is easy to come within the budget when you eat bread! Or any wheat or corn/pasta products! I can't eat that stuff without gaining a pound a day!

Urgh! AND dh wants me to find ANOTHER job ( I already have 2 paying ones, and one volunteer)
So I am all ears! ADVICE PLEASE!

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    Have you tested brown rice? There is a lot of rice based pasta and bread products out there. I'm just discovering them since I found out I was reactive to wheat two months ago. Surprisingly DD likes them also so I don't have to buy/make 2 different things.

    As was suggested before, use cash, make a menu and only buy what you need for the week. I have envelopes that I put the cash that is in the budget for each item (except the ones I pay electronically). When the cash is gone out of that envelope I can't buy anything else. I can take from another envelope but then I have to decide if eating out is more important than saving up for clothes.
    1721 days ago
    Looks like you got lots of great advice here, and you already have a plan to work on some budgeting ideas. I encourage you to find creative ways to eat healthy too. Maybe more meatless meals - meat is so darn expensive! The fact that you're actively and aggressively seeking solutions leaves no doubt in my mind that you'll find one...on the budget front.

    As for the yo-yo weight thing. I feel you, sister. My body displays what I've ingested with an almost terrifying immediacy. It's crazy. From pimples to pounds to profuse and poor smelling gas (TMI? LOL), if it doesn't mix well with my chemistry, my body tells me so right away. The thing I always tell myself, but rarely listen to, is "do what your body says to do." I know it's far more easily said than done, but I cannot figure another way. For me, the queen of no metabolism, I also need to exercise like a maniac in order to see real change. So, I may not have a good solution, but at least we can commiserate.

    Hope you're feeling much better than when you wrote this, and even when you wrote the comment below.
    1721 days ago
    Thank you everyone for their comments, by the end of the day I was feeling a whole lot more positive, you have all been helpful and I asked a similar question on FB and got interesting comments.

    Anyway looks like the average cost for a family of food is between $250 - $400 a week, so it gave me a good idea as to what is realistic to expect.

    Today I am having a meeting with a couple who are going to talk about how to save money on a budget ( tailored to my situation) and I will let you know what they say.

    1721 days ago
    OMG, simply lovely! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. I sure would have. I spent $130 this last week, but I usually try to make it last a couple of weeks and only get what is absolutely needed on the following week. We have two of us in our family. I make dinners and freeze dinners/lunches as well. I eat breakfast and lunch at work and dinner at home. I make a large salad that usually will take me through the first week. I pray the rest of the lettuce bought makes it through the 2nd week.
    I hope you are able to find the right combination for all of you!

    Have a great day!

    emoticon emoticon
    1722 days ago
    I feel your dilemma but cant even begin to compare because prices are so different between SA and where you are. When I do the exchange and see what has to be spent there, I would flip out. Hopefully you can find some solution to where you eat one way and the family eats another, since the rest dont have your intolerance to various foods? My hubby and son eat totally differently to myself....that's just how it is because I eat most things raw.
    1722 days ago
    emoticon Mel on the meals and workouts, keep the course all the cheats hurt me too. I was off with the groin injury for 8 weeks = 3lb gain. Got 1 off but I am still at 128 this morning, which will be gone by this week!!!

    YOU can do it!!! emoticon
    1722 days ago
    We spend for 2 about $125 per week unless we need paper/laundry products then its more like $150 = $600 per month.

    I bring my lunch/breakfast/snacks everyday, D eats at home Sandwich or soup whatever we have there for him.

    We also had a talk about why its so much for ours??? We used to be only about $100 so my guess is less fresh fruit/veg in the winter more salad in summers?

    Our Keruig cost me more in coffee about $7 per week. But its my only real indulgence but it should be cut some bc D makes a full pot each day I could have reg coffee and save.

    Also if you buy all that extra paper and cleaning stuff at a walmart/dollar is cheaper we need to go back to that. Its hard to run a budget and stick to it, but I have told D that JUNE is our month to start saving, 1/2 the year is almost over and nothing gets cheaper!!!

    1722 days ago
  • LIS193
    Mel, there are some great article here on SP about eating on a budget - check them out!
    Another thing I find that helps me: use cash only. It's amazing the things you won't buy if you use real money :)
    1722 days ago
  • LIS193
    Oh no! Just looking at all those pastries and yummy things would make me gain a pound a day!
    It is hard to economize when you are trying to eat healthy :( I have no idea of food prices in Canada but here in Mexico the fresh stuff is the cheapest, so eating healthy is not expensive. Here the junk food is a luxury thus expensive.
    Do you have a farmer's market nearby?
    Meal planning definitely helps - no waste, you eat what you buy and you buy what you eat. make dessert a once a week treat (better for everyone!), whole oats (bought in bulk) for breakfast rather than boxed cereal for the kids. Meatless days, dried beans in the crockpot, veggies like cabbage and carrots (the cheaper ones at least here..), no sodas or juices - water only etc. You probably do most of that already :)
    I know that when we go back to Colorado my grocery bill is about $100-150 a week for the 2 of us, with 2 kids that would probably be closer to $200 but then I don't pinch pennies as we enjoy some of the things we cannot get down here...
    Sorry not much help :(
    1722 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I have to say, our grocery bill has definitely gone up since we've been making an effort to eat more fruits and veggies! But we are spending less on takeout, since we don't do that very often anymore, so hopefully it evens out. Our grocery bill goes up and down - we'll have a low week or two, then a really high week, but I'd say we probably average about $120 (family of three). That doesn't count bulk items (paper products, coffee, meat, etc.) we buy at Costco - we spend probably $150-$200/month there.
    1722 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Ugh I feel you! I would love to be able to eat rice and pasta without any issues (not just weight gain but pain and such too!) but its just not possible. When I need to be cheap, I just stick to boring veggies and meats. Chicken and broccoli. Not so exciting but it gets the job done.
    1722 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Sorry - no advice
    Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    There must be other ways to trim the budget - you are living proof that healthy eating is a necessity, not a luxury.
    1722 days ago
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