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What a week I'm having!! (pics)

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Thank you for being ever so patient while I finish up my finals. My final marks are:
Women's Studies: B
English Literature: B
and Algeblah **drum roll please** emoticon C


So, I have one more summer class and Miss Blind Batty aka: Hopefulhippo will have herself an Associate of Science degree. Boom.

My youngest promoted from middle to high school this week. She looked lovely in her dresses for both promotion and her dance.

I can't believe I'm a mom of two high schoolers AND a college chick.

Speaking of college chick, I went to visit her in Frisco this week. Took my very first train ride ever. What an adventure that was. I drove to Sac, paid for parking, got on the train to Emeryville, took a bus to Frisco shopping district, then a subway like train to her work, then another underground train thing to her home. She has a mastery of all those schedules of public transportation and I was in awe. It did feel so weird and so wonderful to spend the night in her little basement of an apartment. LOL We watched movies and went to Chinese food...was good. Then back on the bus, train, car ride home to watch youngest promote and drive her and hubby to Reno for...

the Reno Run or Dye!

I met my sis, our nieces, and my father in law there...hubby and father in law gambled while us girls rocked the color infused run! It was such a blast. I wasn't going to go. I just didn't think I could leave hubby behind with his back, middle daughter had to play for graduation and more reasons than one to not go. But Sissy was like "oh no!! I did this ONLY because of you so get your butt over here" so I did and man am I ever so glad!!

today has been a day of catching up on Spark. My weight has really just maintained and even though that's not my goals I guess with all the trips, I'm pretty happy it's not a gain.

Now though to get serious for my Tangerines and Starfish group!

My youngest and I have been doing Hip Hop Abs. She's been showing me how to do it right so I actually feel the burn in my abs. Leave it to the 14 year old to know how to do this.

My 15 year old and I will be running in the morning. I say morning as today it's 102. You get the idea. I'm really excited to be doing this with them and that I've inspired them to want to do this with me.

Oh my goodness...remember my garden?

well, here it is NOW!! Actually, wait, this is my eggplant planted in an egg pic....

Here it is....

Well, that's about it for now. I'm back, so I'll write again before next week with some for sure progress on my running and Hip Hop....There's one thing for sure...when I did the Run or Dye I was like "OMGosh I seriously need to make this a habit, it feels so good and yet, I can't run for more than 90 seconds..."

need to fix that.

Goal number one:

Goal number two:
30 miles in June

Goal number three:
Hip Hop Abs for 30 days.

Goal number four:
Happy Herbivore for 30 days.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! So, I can feel my blood pressure and sugars elevating (trust me, I've been through it enough I know what it feels like) and so I know it's because I've seriously slacked off on my eating habits. So, I always struggle with the whole "menu" and "planning". I signed up for the INDIVIDUAL plan of Happy Herbivore and so far I'm loving it. It's Vegan and not vegetarian, but I'll survive I'm sure. LOL If I remember, I'll post some really good food recipes and pics.

Off to plan my daughters sweet 16 party. Ideas are welcome :o)

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