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Sunday, June 02, 2013

uncramming the nooks and crannies of the 'ol brain matter

1) Went to a family friend's 65th birthday party. Found myself arguing Indian politics with the uncles (any parental type not your own is referred to as an uncle in these circles). I might be officially old. Or, at least permanently banned from the "kids" table. Had a couple of odd moments where people I've known since I was a kid weren't sure that I was me. Guess that's what comes of having been away for ten years, and not seeing some of these folks but once (as far as I can recall) in that time.

2) Three former colleagues contacted me within the space of two days for feedback about my current work. Not sure if I feel like a Pied Piper, or a fraud. Which, come to recall the story, is kind of the same thing. I owe one of them another e-mail, my eyes were glazing over when I tried to send her information last night.

3) Eyes should be glazing over, it's 2 AM eastern time here. But since Florida and Nebraska decided to play 15 innings of softball instead of the usual 7, Michigan's game got pushed back to a near 1 AM start. And since I was gonna watch the game, I'm watching the game. And I decided to do another load of laundry while I do. What do you want to bet I forget about the clothes in the dryer?

4) Might be a lonely week at work. A lot of the personnel at my office are being pulled into duty for a hospital that is beginning to use the software we work with. Not sure how I escaped being pulled in for that duty, but I get to go to the usual spot instead of having to head into the city. I'm ok with that.

5) Leprous - The Cloak (go listen, I'll wait)

6) Got chills today listening to the Tyler Read song, "Heaven." I'd post a link, but youtube only has a live version with crappy sound. Something about the lines, "This is a year worth saving/
This is a time to drown our fears" really struck a chord with me today. I think it's a song about a doomed relationship, one last chance before letting it go, trying to "find peace in the pieces". But I was hearing those previous lines in and of themselves, about it being a year worth saving (remembering), about drowning those fears. Might have to figure out how to create a video and how to upload it to youtube, just to be able to share this song with you guys.

7) Michigan is hanging on to a 2-0 lead in the 6th. 6 more outs! I mean 5 more outs, another Sun Devil goes down swinging. 4 more outs, fielder's choice!

8) I oughta go down and rescue the laundry from the basement, should I?

9) Sparkpoints earned in February: 1400+
March: 800-something
April: 343
May: 252
June: 87 whenever I get around to hitting post on this blog.
Helps to get a 25 on a wheel, huh?

10) Why isn't meteorology the study of flaming space rocks?

11) Kayleigh, by Marillion, since no one seemed to recall it when I mentioned it last week.

12) Another thing remarked upon, cryptically, last week, that no one saw through: I hit 38 years of age on the 21st of May. Hence the reference to the worm in a bottle chorus, with the line, "happy birthday to me", and the moment of depression at having to enter a 38 on the exercise bike.

13) I'm not superstitious, why do you ask? Oh, who am I kidding, of course I am. I'm just not triskadekaphobic.

14) 3 outs to go. C'mon Sara Driesenga! crap, base hit, tying run at the dish. DOUBLE PLAY! One out to go. Ignore the fact that the ASU runner might have been safe at first. BALLGAME! The sun sets forever on the Arizona State 2013 season, and Michigan moves on to face Washington...3:30 PM, eh? I think I can watch most of that before having to go to the airport tomorrow.

15) All right, all right, I'm getting the darn laundry.

16) GO BLUE!!

17) oh yeah, I did make it to the gym, first time in forever. Think I'll have to use the fitness room this week. I mean, heck, I got over a third of sparkpoints earned in may in just 27 hours of June, so, I might as well try to score a bunch of points, and exercise minutes are a good source of vitamin C i mean sparkpoints, so.

18) I'm rambling. Clearly, it's time to end this blog po
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