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Strengthening my Resolve for June!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Last year I found myself at almost 146 when the year started. I would bounce around in the mid- to low-140's until finally in July I managed to get my weight into those coveted 130's. Even though it was in the very highest end of the 130's it didn't matter. It was that magic "3" number that counted!

I maintained it, even getting down to 136 but then vacation popped up it's ugly head, with all the activity, but also the temptation of high-fat foods, and the healthy food I was used to just not being available. It's awful when you're in a country where they warn you "don't eat the vegetables!" It's what I live on! Right after vacation came the holidays and I found myself hanging on by my fingernails to my beloved 130's.

Sadly, I said goodbye to them in May. But my Grandma used to say "there's no use in crying over spilled milk." So I'm using June to renew my goals, give myself a kick in the behind for motivation, and falling back on the logic I've used all my life. To be lean and mean you need to get tough!

Going back to my standard of 1/2 pound loss per week sounds easy enough, and the kick in the behind sent me out the door for a 1-mile walk. My dog needed it too. While it may seem a little drastic to plan on going to the gym every day, I want to do it for at least the first week or two of June, then I'll re-evaluate and see just how tough I need to be.

You're all rooting for me, aren't you?? emoticon emoticon emoticon m
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