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So I read an article on here today about how I should be blogging...

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Trouble is I journal daily at home, and on Saturdays I have a journal I do called The Saturday Morning Kitchen Khronicles which sums up the week, pretty much. Been keeping that one going steady for twelve years now. So I get kind of tired of journaling. But the article I read INSISTS there's a difference because people get to actually READ your blogs. It said you can talk about whatever is going on in your life. Sigh... Well, so here's my SMKK from today (most of it anyways...)

Saturday, June 1, 2013, 8:38 a.m.

Lordy! It's been another stellar week. NOT! I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY have to get me a life!!! Well, let me sift through the dead brain cells lying in a heap around me and see what went on this week...

His lordship is still fighting this cellulitis infection. We saw the doc yesterday morning again and he is concerned that the elbow is still red, swollen, and hot. He gave the Earl a second round of antibios - a week's worth. If at the end of that bottle there's not been MARKED improvement, Arn will probably end up in the hospital getting intravenous antibos. I am hoping the extra course of pills will do it. His lordship is a big guy. It might take a little more for him. You can see that the swelling has decreased. His elbow is peeling where it was swollen the most, and it's itching like crazy. I assume those are both good signs. It's still pretty tender, however, and last night it was hurting quite a bit again. I sure hope that hospital visit isn't inevitable...

Monday was Memorial Day. My sister and her clan went up to the cabin. They wanted us to go but have apparently not given ANY thought to where we'd sleep! There's not room for all of us up there anymore until they want to pull their camper up. Then maybe?

Anyway, it was a good day. Brandon had to be to work at 3:00 so that kind of sucked. But I got up early and made a big breakfast for all of us. Then Arn and I drove up to Morgan (in the mountains, his home town). The weather was really nice. It felt good to get on the "open road" with a Neil Diamond cd going and singing along. We NEED more times like that. It's those rare moments when we can kind of forget everything and just be in the present. Doesn't happen very often. (We need a theme song, and I have just the one! "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson.)

So we went to the cemetery and also drove by the old, OLD cemetery where Arn's maternal grandmother is buried. Very interesting. We drove down by the old homestead. It's always kind of sad. Then we stopped at the Maverick or 7-Eleven or whatever it is and got our traditional "Milky Way and Coke" for the drive back to Ogden. We always take the long way around. That wasn't a wise thing to do since I'm trying to nudge my weight in the right direction again, but it's tradition for cryin' out loud!

In Ogden we went out to Evergreen and deposited flowers there. Sat down for a minute and Arn got to talking about how he misses my mom and dad but he doesn't really miss his own. That makes me sad. There was so much unfinished business between him and his folks. We drove by mom and dad's house before we left Ogden.

For supper we stopped at Texas Roadhouse. I had a birthday coupon for a free side dish thingy. And it was early so we got the cheap dinner special. I enjoy going there. We stopped afterwards to see Bran at work. That was thrilling. Then we dropped by Walmart to pick up this $19.95 computer stand for the old computer Arn brought home from work and loaded my Pagemaker program on. (Lesson - you get what you pay for... OMG! Total plastic. And Arn threw the box away so we couldn't take it back. The problem - besides it being plastic - is that it's too high for me to sit in a chair and type on it! So we're back to square one...)

While we were there I started feeling really crappy. Could barely walk out to the car. It had only been about 90 minutes since we'd eaten, but it didn't take a genius to figure out my sugar had bottomed out. It was 57 when I got home. So, of course, I ate every carb in sight! My mind and body just go into panic mode when that happens. It's like I have to hurry and eat and eat and eat so the sugar will come up fast. I need to keep some orange juice around or something. I didn't do my diet any favors, that's for sure. And I don't understand why it fell like that only 90 minutes after dinner. Sometimes there's just no rhyme nor reason to what my sugar does...

And I really have been trying to get the scale to move this week. I think my biggest problem is we eat out way too much. Even when I'm making good choices, there's just too much sodium and fat (butter) in restaurant food. But I'm trying to get my mindset back to where it was fall of '11 when I started losing again. I have to not panic and just know it will take time. It just makes me nuts that I was only 14 lbs. away from my goal weight when everything went south after the cruise. (Lots of things went south after that cruise, including the finances...)

Oh, and we got to Skype with Stef and Jesse and the boys that day, too. Just for a few minutes. We don't seem to Skype very long at all anymore. Not sure why that is.

Speaking of finances, they approved us for a car loan at the credit union. But the Sable seems to have stopped leaking transmission fluid and the transmission place couldn't even find where it was leaking. So I'm thinking we're going to hold off buying something until we absolutely have to. In all honestly I am scared spitless to buy a car, to have a car payment after all these years. So we really don't know what we're going to do in the end.

My friend Amy asked me last week if I would lead the Sunday School class tomorrow. It's about visiting the sick. I guess she figures since I do it I know what I'm doing. Big mistake on her part. But I told her yes mainly because neither she nor Cindy and Holly will be there so I don't have to worry about looking like an *ss. (Hopefully Carolyn what's-her-name won't be there either! We have SUCH a personality conflict going on.) I am NOT, however, interested in getting involved in teaching. I'm worn out from doing that for years.

Cindy and Holly are at a women's retreat at Pine Cliff this weekend. She's kind of annoyed that I didn't go. But you know, I get up to run to the bathroom four or five times a night. It's a bit of a hike from the cabins up to the toity facilities. I'm supposed to do that by myself in the middle of the night? I don't think so. And I've never been one to just go outside, drop my drawers, and let her rip. No thanks. Plus with as often as I get cramps, where's the ice? Where do I pace back and forth for an hour? There are six sets of bunk beds in those cabins with very little room in between. Am I supposed to wake everyone up with my moaning and groaning? Cindy just doesn't get it that sometimes physical difficulties necessarily curtail the things you'd like to do. I worry about that even going with the girls to motels to stay all night.

My good friend Sharon from Easton, PA., called this week. She's been really sick with pneumonia. She has to go to Jefferson Memorial Monday (where she will eventually have a heart transplant). I'll give her a call on Tuesday to see how she is.

I got a surprise birthday package in the mail from Kim from Australia this week. Two beautifully gaudy necklaces that I loved, a very nice summer-type scarf, and tons and tons of pictures. I wish she wouldn't do that. I don't really have the discretionary money to reciprocate, and I feel so guilt ridden. I don't seem to be able to make her understand that. Not that I don't enjoy the gifts and the attention, but the pictures would have been such a treat on their own because they make me feel like family. sigh...

I Skyped with my cousin Becky in Ohio on Wednesday and we spent two hours talking about old movies and TV shows as I told her I was pinning a lot of them on Pinterest. She was thinking about a scary movie she saw at the drive-in but couldn't remember the name of. Said it was about a mad caterer (seriously!) who chopped women up! Took me awhile, but I FOUND it on the IMDb site. It was called "Blood Feast." (She was right, he WAS a caterer!). Then she got hung up on what she thought was a TV series of "I Remember Mama." Try as I might, I couldn't find anything about a TV series called that. Found the actual movie, but no TV show. BUT! I persevered! And lo and behold I found it yesterday on a different TV website. There really WAS a TV series of it. I sent her the link.

I spent a LOT of time on Pinterest this week. So much so that my right arm and shoulder are killing me from using the computer mouse! That truly is about all I did all week. So bored out of my mind here. I created an entire board for So You Think You Can Dance. Spent all afternoon pinning routines from YouTube to it. People must think I'm a crazy old lady or -- do I need to say it again? -- bored.

Last night was the SERIES finale of "Merlin." I don't know what I expected. I KNOW how the legend goes. I guess I just thought that since they had messed around with so much of the story already they might do their own thing. They didn't. Arthur actually was killed by Mordred and Merlin couldn't save him, though he did get him to the Isle of Avalon where the legend says he lives until the world is in need of a great king once more (right now would be a good time before we have a repeat of the Holocaust with the Muslims, don't you think?). At the very end of the show it had Merlin walking through a modern town in some stupid touristy get up, meaning, I suppose, that he's still alive. I was disappointed. It was all very anticlimactic, to say the least. Though I'm quite sure the purists among us were very pleased. Broke my heart to see this series end. I loved it. So did Arn.

I did have one unsettling thing happen this week. I had a dream the other night that Brandon was calling me. Called me just once, actually. Not a panicked "MOM!", but just "mom." But I couldn't find him. I actually woke up crying and had to tell Arn. That was really very strange. His situation weighs so heavily on my mind.

So that's about it for the week. Boring days, really, and equally boring nights. The only redeeming thing is So You Think You Can Dance is on now. I LOVE that show. Hopefully there will be a Project Runway All Stars sometime soon, too. (I watch too much TV. Ya think?)

Guess I'd best go work on the Sunday School lesson a bit more. Maybe this week will find something interesting happening in my life. I highly doubt it. But I'm trying to be optimistic...

See. That doesn't really work on here. I don't know what to blog about every day. Angel baby and A-Run (my nickname for you, you KNOW who you are), my hat's off to you both! Oh well... off to fix the Earl his breakfast! Toodles from Wit's End Manor (we are actually checking in to having a sign made for the front of the house with that name on it! LOL)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good morning !

    Where to start ? Well, I hope his lordship is feeling better today. I hopefully the anti-biotics will will do their job.

    Blogging. I'll admit it. I'm not much of a blogger myself. I find most of my blogging comes from replying to posts on the forums. I try to blog when something interesting is happening in my life, but the fact is, I have a boring life. So, if I were to blog every day, you'd find out how mundane my life really is. LOL !!!

    Don't feel obligated to blog every day because that's what the article said. It's true that our blogs do help other members who may prefer to lurk anonymously. However, you don't have to blog every single day. Some people do. Some people don't. Do what you feel comfortable doing when it comes to blogging.

    Granola bars. I keep one in my bag for emergency munchies. Some days, when I'm out running errands, I don't have time to sit and eat a meal. So, I keep a granola bar with me to (as they say) take the edge off. It'll hold me til I get home and can eat something decent. The nice thing about granola bars is that if you don't eat it, it won't go bad. They also should have enough carbs to raise your blood sugar too.

    Kashi bars are tasty. There are lots of different bars out there you could try. Buy what's on sale. I never pay full price because some brands can be pricey. I've tried the Fiber One bars. they didn't do anything for me. I do like the Kashi TLC brand. that's the tasty little crunchy or tasty little chewy. I also like Clif bars. they make great granola bars, but they are pricey. so I only buy those on sale.

    anyway... I do agree with Angel. If you blog every single day, you could end up with blog burn out. So, if you're blogging in your personal journal, that's fine. don't feel that you have to blog here on Spark People. Blog what YOU want to blog about not what you think people want to read. this is your blog. you write what you like.

    Never saw Merlin. Heard about it. May have to see what's on YOUTUBE. Did watch a bit of So you think you can dance. there are some very talented dancers out there.

    1598 days ago
    So why do you think it doesn't work on here? I liked it! It's like what I blog about everyday (well..almost everyday...weekends not so much!). Just life stuff. But then it's easier for me as I only blog here. Maybe it's blog burnout? Anywho...loved reading this one! Oh think Amy would like a pic of Randy at work?

    Luv Ya!

    1599 days ago
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