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I Stop Eating When I'm Full... Who Am I?!

Friday, May 31, 2013

My brother and I used to joke I was Monica emoticon

Seriously, who am I? I know putting down the fork when you are full is what most normal people usually do... but between you and me, you don't get up 272 pounds only eating when you are truly hungry, and stopping when you are full.

I also used to eat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast. So by the time my body told me I was full, I was already way beyond the full point. emoticon

My uncle and I went to the Casino yesterday to see his ladies, Celtic Woman lol. We had a blast. My schedule was thrown off as I was only able to get an hours sleep before we left, but we had a blast. We had El Pollo Loco for lunch, I usually get a kids meal pollo bowl but I didn't see it on the menu, so I said eh, I'll get a regular sized one and a loco salad. I ate the loco salad and about half of the bowl before I said I'm full. And I never took another bite. My uncle was amazed, he's used to seeing me put away good amounts of food. He even joked "what's happened to you?!" LOL.

I remember going out with my friend at age 19 and saying "I'm so full" as I was STILL eating she finally said "then why don't you stop eating?" Oh, that makes sense! emoticon I was just a food lover and I loved to eat so that never occurred to me in the past.

Dinner time rolled around and they had this thing called an "Animal Style Potato". Think In N Out animal style sauce on a huge potato with hamburger meat and onions. I was also looking at the chicken salad sandwich and my uncle said well I'll get the sandwich you can have half and I'll have half the potato. Okay good plan. NOT! The result: I ate half the potato and the pickle off his plate, I was full and done. He ate most of his sandwich and some of the potato. It was delicious but I didn't stuff myself.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am a changed person, inside and out! emoticon I have been on this journey just over 14 months, I have lost 60ish pounds, but this entire month of May I have finally felt like I "got this".

In the month of May:
emoticon: I have not eaten any fast food on my own for giggles. I had El Pollo Loco once at work, Chipotle once at work cuz I forgot my food at home, and obviously out with my uncle. But never drove thru on my own for no reason.

emoticon: Have not binged.

emoticon: Have not even eaten 2000 calories when before I would regularly have 3000+ calories 5-7 times a month.

emoticon: I have over 1400 fitness minutes or something crazy, NEVER had that before.

emoticon: I do not feel like this is work. I know I'm working my butt off cuz I'm getting the job done, but this feels like LIFE, not a diet, not a plan, not work, just regular old life, and it feels amazing!

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