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Your color commentary is making my salad uncomfortable.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Thank you all for your awesome comments on my FREAKOUT blog! I want to come stop by everyone's pages, but we were out of town for the long weekend, then *I* was out of town for work (had assignments 2 days in a row in the same town, which we usually don't, so we stayed overnight. HI ADARKARA! I was just in Berlin/Voorhees! We are buying in Union Cty btw, live in Hudson Cty now.) THEN two crazy work days yesterday & today.

The rescheduled inspection was yesterday after all. Mostly good, just a couple of issues. Once we get the report we go through the lawyers to arrange fixings or money for fixings (I'm guessing the latter, as they don't live there). It should go okay. Hopefully. No deal breakers. WHEW!


And Seni, if you think you're mailing me Leo you're a crazy person. If I WERE going to steal him from your son, don't you think I'd come get him so we could at least hang out first?????? emoticon

I haven't gotten much exercise this week, booo. Oh well. Going to be out of town AGAIN next week, so I'm just kind of... accepting the plateau right now. Meh, this is my happy place. For now.

Now I'm annoyed I didn't update my weight tracker out of denial. I was ~251 two weeks ago, then back down to 248 last week, then up the other day to ~254 (no panic. I know water weight when I see it!)

So yeah, no idea where I am today weight-wise, but yesterday was a bit better food-wise and much better water wise, and today is working out to be a good food and water day.

Actually that's what I'm here to ramble about. It's really all starting to "stick." When I was out of town for work, we ate out 3x a day. Annoying, to me. I like to have whatever I want whenever, to have that I'm Fixing My Diet Better control freak thing going. But I was okay. I ordered whatever I felt like having, but I ate half, or left stuff behind, without feeling deprived or control-freaky about it, especially for stuff I don't usually eat much of.

I ate some junk Wednesday night when I got back, but not nearly as bad as the Binges Of Afternoons Past or anything. You know, I ate a snack bag of Cheez its instead of most of a box. One snack cake instead of a whole sleeve of Oreos. That sort of thing. Those "I WANT FOOOOOOOD!" moods used to last hours, or even days. This time I ate my few "junk" things I had grabbed and then was just like... okay, I'm done. I need some water.

But that's interesting to me. It's easier now to do that, than it was when I started. I don't agonize and freak out about it, I'm just like "okay, get a coffee with milk and sugar for once, but if you do, just get a SMALL." No biggie. Ditto something fatty for dinner, pasta with "pink" (tomato + cream) sauce - okay, so just eat half. Ain't no thing.

For lunch the second day I was just not that hungry for like crazy foods. I honestly just wanted like pudding or something. I got yogurt and a tiny sandwich (OMG I love Wawa so much. I'm a freak about it. We don't have them up here, and it is infinite sadness. The tiny sandwich = GENIUS. I want to get an "I heart Wawa" tattoo, is how I feel about it) and a pudding cup because, hey, I like pudding.

I wasn't going to track my food today, because I was thinking "well, I just had a couple days of meals out and not tracking and stress and being busy, what's one more day." But I made decent choices anyway so I ended up tracking it all anyway! Decent breakfast. I was going to get junk for lunch (I was thinking pizza and ice cream immediately after my hostile and uncooperative clients), but then I stopped by Spark to check my friend feed and read some blogs and by the time I did that I felt like putting some good nutrition in me after all. Hit the salad bar for my usual giant salad. Got a banana. Wanted a lemon bar, or half a lemon bar, but then remembered I'm going out to dinner tonight. Friday's - already downloaded the Nutritional Info pdf, chose my entree and sides, and tracked it.

While I'm interrupting myself repeatedly, want to know how to get a lot of random bizarre attention from coworkers? Get a big salad for lunch. Seriously. I pile my plate up pretty high because I like a decently huge serving of lettuce - 2-3 cups takes up a lot of space actually. Then I put some random veggies on top, whatever they have that looks good (broccoli, carrots, snow peas, and cucumbers today. no peppers, sadface) then my 2-3 oz of grilled chicken depending how hungry I am. Then ENTIRE TIME, from getting in line to pay, ALL THE WAY BACK to my desk, I got like 10 coworkers "oh my goodness!" "look at THAT!" "WOW, that's a SALAD" "oh good for you" "ha, too healthy for me!" blah blah blah. Am I really that much of a freak alien for eating some vegetables??? Apparently yes. Yes I am. ***

But I digress.

None of this, the choices & the tracking, is like "oh, what a pain". That's how it felt this morning, when I was feeling like Hm, maybe I won't start tracking again today, I'll wait til tomorrow. By the time I actually did it, it took ~5 minutes and didn't bother me in the slightest. I even have some calories left for some bread or to share a dessert tonight. Or a DRINK maybe. MMMM, booooooze. hahahahaha.

Heck, I even went back and tracked yesterday's food! Farther back than that I can't remember accurately but if I could I'd track that too.

So yeah. Life goes on.**** Hanging on my 250 plateau, probably for another week. Whatever. I have stuff to do. emoticon I'm paying more attention to my jeans right now anyway. If my size 16s from LB aren't pinchy, I don't care what the scale says.

I'm out of town for work AGAIN next week, but I'm going to California! Crazy health food people land, so I should be good as far as food goes. I love Berkeley for that reason, though I was disappointed my first time there to discover they do have normal restaurants and hot dog places and stuff. I was totally picturing a 100% pure mecca of health foods, juice bars, vegetarian restaurants, etc. Nope! They have meat and fries too! Hee hee!

I probably won't be around much until the second week of June, but I'll check in if I can! Smooches!

*** got my first annoying "let me make your weight loss about me" comment today. From someone who is nice and I generally get along with, and she has complimented me several times and obviously meant it as a compliment but still annoying. "You need to stop losing weight." well, I'm on a plateau right now, so technically I HAVE stopped. Also, no I don't. I know you mean you notice I'm losing and think I look good, but you kind of ALSO mean "your success makes me feel like a failure" which... is kind of your problem. Just saying. You asked what I'm doing to lose, I told you. I'm happy to offer suggestions, but not to stop doing what I'm doing so you can feel better about NOT doing what you feel like you SHOULD be doing. Just saying. La la.

**** "Life goes on" is what I was going to originally call this blog, until I interrupted myself with a tangent about my lunch and thought of this title, which is altogether funnier. Also when I get back from CA I will take photos of my giant salad for you guys, so you can judge whether I am insane or not. But quietly, okay? My salad has feelings you know.

*****no more footnotes.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _MOBII_
    I love you blogs! And now I want a giant salad too!!!!!
    1686 days ago
    I couldn't stop laughing while I read your blog. We could almost switch lives and not notice-diet wise, that is. I'm pretty sure my son and the husbands would notice the short, quickly going grey me suddenly turning like 6 inches taller, YEARS younger and curvier, lol. Yeah, not swapping. But the food thing and comments? Totally get it. I have a friend who asks me out to lunch and then wants me to order all kinds of heavy fried junk like she does. When I say no thank you, she insists on buying lunch and trying to add stuff to my order. She has been "losing" for several years, but grew into some old pants I gave her instead of taking them in. Just saying...

    I am determined to not "outgrow" any of my new clothes. I plan to shrink into needing a belt by my birthday/our anniversary in august. (Married on 5th, birthday on 6th). I actually made the pool 3 days this week!

    And you probably wouldn't puppynap Leo. He's a yappy ankle biter. (Not literally biter) Now, my REAL dog, Duke? Him you would probably love. He will tolerate endless "smooshing" but won't lick your face. He will push his head under your hand demanding to be petted, once in a while lick said hand, but does not slobber all over you-LEO does!!

    Okay, off to pick up kid from show choir auditions!

    1698 days ago
  • AMY4593
    Soooooo.......maybe I should stop calling people Bitc@es for losing weight?!? Lol......great blog!! Maybe you could draw a picture of your salad ;)
    1698 days ago
    My husband works in Voorhees! You were like, 15 minutes from me! *squee*

    You're doing great! I'm starting to get "stop losing weight" comments, too. It's really annoying. I just say stuff like "Well I'm working with my doctor and I'm not at goal yet."

    I mean, unless a person looks like a real skeleton, leave 'em alone!

    Your salad sounds DEEEE-LISH! And yes, WaWas DO rock! We have em every mile around here. =)
    1698 days ago
    Hey I say eat as much salad as you went have a good trip. emoticon
    1698 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Where do I even start on a blog like this? It's like someone opened a little window into your brain and we peeked in and saw something akin to Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

    I LOVE IT. lol

    You're using a good approach - not getting obsessed about a plateau. Eating what you want but controlling your portions. Doing the best you can while you're travelling - it's never easy! Getting back to tracking as soon as possible.

    Also - I HATE when people make comments like that. My mother does this. 'You've lost so much! Oh you have to slow down! I can't catch up!' (you could, if you wanted to, but you don't, and NO, I won't slow down).

    Also - I want to see a picture of your giant salad.

    1698 days ago
    You just made my entire bad week disappear! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Sounds like you're doing a great job on the mental side of eating. And your salads sound a lot like "salad" bowl is actually a 2 qt serving bowl LOL. So no, I don't think it's odd at all! emoticon
    1698 days ago
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