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My Mind Says You Go Girl But My Body Thinks I'm Trying To Kill It

Friday, May 31, 2013

OK I admit it for the last 6 years i have not worked out at all. Even a walk 1/2 the block away was a I don't think so moment. I'm a PC gaming in love with WoW and other games, I live on FB, Twitter, Blogger, and so on. If I'm not cooking, cleaning, being with my kids or my hubby, I'm on the comp I even watch my T.V shows online.

So today I was OK lets time to get moving. I woke up at 6am this morning to get in a morning walk before the bad weather hits. I walked over to farm fresh market and bought the fruits I needed for my breakfast smoothie. When I got home my feet where killing me. I thought to my self that this is just said and laughed at my self. I told my self Its alright it is just because you have not been on your feet much and in a few days it will pass.

So after that I took time to give my home a good scrub that it has been needing for a while now. After that my back was killing me.

This afternoon I was ready to work on one of my personal goals and work on my dance. So i did some position work, and ankle strength training, and flex ability. I have alot of work to do there lol.

Now my body is so sore all over, I'm sure it thinks I'm trying to kill it.
Don't get me wrong in no way I'm I turned off because of this. I actually kind of find it funny, and I'm using it as something to drive because I'm so out of shape a walk to the store and back makes my feet hurt and so on. I'm not a 9 year old woman I'm 31. I'm not suppose to and should not feel like this after a 30 min walk, cleaning house and 30 min of dance, and is time for me to do something about it.

It is time my body matched the person I'm. I'm fun, out going, person who loves the out doors, dance, and running. I love meeting new people, making friends. Not hiding in doors all the time because I'm to tried, or embraced by the way I look.

There is one thing I can control a 100% of the time and that is me. It is time I stop letting my body rule me but I rule my body. It is amazing it is own way. having the scars of my life story, of my kids, of my heard work. It tells the story of me all over it and it is now I take time to honor it and make it look the way I feel.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can see your improving already! emoticon
    1749 days ago
  • LUANN7
    I am like you addicted to the computer and m family hates it but it keeps me going since I am disabled. I have a hard time keeping my exercise up but I am trying.I liked your blog and your motivation is great.keep up the emoticon emoticon good work!!!
    1751 days ago
    1752 days ago
    I am SO like you. From high school up to 2007 I worked out every day and loved it. Took a break for two years then got back into it from 2009 to 2011, and got into such good shape that I was using 10-25lb weights. Now I haven't done anything but sit at the computer and do scrap designs, and the idea of walking around the block just exhausts me and yet I know that I must start doing something because just doing laundry or cleaning house/yard work simply exhausts me.
    1752 days ago
    Love the title of your blog. I can relate. emoticon

    One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.
    1753 days ago
    Good for you for persevering. Even the trainers at my gym with all the exercise they do push through some aches and pains. Although you need to listen if the pain is too much. Rome wasn't built in a day. It is okay to build up gradually. I found your blog really inspiring and I needed it because I have lost some of my motivation. This has taken two years to happen but I am going to fight back. Thanks for the inspiration! emoticon
    1753 days ago
  • JULIA_211
    emoticon Love the title! emoticon
    1753 days ago
    You might want to get a good pair of walking shoes so that you have more support for your feet.
    1754 days ago
    Our bodies are filled with muscles, strong bones and ligaments and joints and made to use and be active along with our brains and we are meant to have companionship with one another.

    Have fun getting to know who you are all over again and who you are meant to be and just know what ever you believe in your heart you are able to accomplish because you are wonderfully and fearfully made and are an awesome creation of love. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    emoticon Great start! Even with the pain, you have humor!
    1754 days ago
  • PEG2584
    Congratulations!! For not giving up or giving in. I need to have the same attitude. I'm getting there but it is slow going.

    emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago
    Wonderful blog. Great self-talk!
    1754 days ago
    emoticon You are an inspiration!
    1754 days ago
    emoticon And I need to join you in getting off my butt. Instead of gaming, I read. Both still sitting. As you said, "Enough of that."
    1754 days ago
    Keep Dancing!!! emoticon
    1754 days ago
    I heard this song while I was working out the other day, and oh man it was the boost I needed! Your blog title reminded me of it:

    1754 days ago
    Good for you! It sounds like you are on the right track. Maybe you should make gaming like playing WoW a treat if you've done so much exercise and cleaning, etc... at the end of the week or end of the month or whatever. It sounds like though, you are making your life in the real world a priority. Glad to hear you aren't turned off by being sore. I actually find it rewarding when I am sore because I know hat I have pushed myself and am making progress towards being healthier. emoticon emoticon

    You are on the right track! emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago
    I am so proud of you! But I also tend to agree with NELLIEC. Don't overdo cause you don't want to burn out and quit. We want to continue and continue strong!

    Have a great weekend!
    1754 days ago
    Just take your time but not to slow in case you wanna seem

    God bless & be encouraged!!

    1754 days ago
    By reading your blog, I would think that you and I are the same person. Except I don't have kids. I was a dancer, I'm 31, and I'm a big gamer.

    I was the *same* way. I started off small with a mile long walk a day for 3-4 days. Then I bumped it to 2 miles, then 4. I won't lie, my feet were KILLING ME. For weeks. I soaked them in epsom salt, I had blisters like you would not believe. It was terrible. Was.

    I've been exercising almost daily (I take one day off a week), and I'm running now. Imagine that. Big ole fat girl. Running. I do a 2 mile walk and a 3 mile run 6 days a week.

    I'm like you though. I used the pain as motivation. I'm in control damn it. I own my body, my body does NOT own me. It will do what I want it to do. So I sucked it up, and pushed through the pain.

    I still have pain now, but it's just muscle soreness and tightness. I gotta work on more stretching now. But I own my body, and it's doing what *I* want it to do. I've lost over 40 lbs now. It's bad ass!

    Good for you, pushing yourself and doing the right things. It hurts. It's worth it! Keep it up!
    1754 days ago
    Just so you don't overdo at first and burn out. That is what a friend of mine tends to do. She gets very enthusiastic and way overdoes, and the next day she can hardly move, so quits.

    If we are kind to our bodies by increasing the activity gradually, then our bodies will honor us and get better and better at doing things.
    1754 days ago
  • JOYCEE23
    try a sparkpeople beginner video. yes you will be very sore but since you are very young(I'm 55) you will improve yourself rapidly where easy things will no longer be so hard. I like using dvds(no driving to the gym). I really liked leslie sanson walking videos because she always kept telling me I was doing a great job(sometimes my only compliment for the day but strangly satisfying).
    1754 days ago
    One baby step at a time! You'll make it to your goal. It's a process and it can be alot of fun. You have a great sense of humor. You'll help us enjoy the journey that much more.

    Welcome! emoticon
    1754 days ago
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