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It takes as long as it takes.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Even though I joined Spark People in 2010, I think I've only been consistently active this past year. So this morning, when I got on the scale, I saw that it's the same as it has been for awhile. In my head, I heard the voice of one of my friends say "you've been trying to lose 10 pounds for 10 years" and I really had to do some serious self talk not to get discouraged. YES I want to lose 10 pounds, but more than that I want to change the habits I have that keep me in this loop of either losing and gaining the same 10 pounds or maintaining my weight 10 pounds higher than I want it to be.

So here it is 6:30 am and I'm thinking what do I need to do differently today?
I set goals, I exercise regularly, I drink water, I blog, I track. I have support from this awesome spark community. I've joined a 5% challenge team and that is helping me change some habits.


Well, I EAT TOO MUCH. Not a ton too much, but just enough too much that I maintain a weight higher than I want. This is the habit that I'm having the hardest time breaking. (But I know it can be done, because since I blogged about being an emotional eater, I've really become less of an emotional eater).

I eat too much when I cook as I'm one of those people that eats while I COOK.
I eat too much at around 4 pm because I'm either really hungry or just STRESSED from the day.
I eat IMPULSIVELY..when there's food out at work, when I go out with friends, when I'm just at a loss for something to do, I eat. I'm one of those people that has a hard time sticking to any plan, meal or otherwise.

CSI-that's the value of a blog, you become a Spark Detective to your own behavior. I'm gonna solve this crime.

So here I come June. I'm looking head on at these behaviors. I'm going to tell that voice in my head and the voice of anyone who wants to know how long it takes to lose 10 pounds,

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    Because I was a grazer, and bulemic, my eating patterns had to change drastically. For me it wasn't about calories but changing the way I manage my eating. So, I now eat 3 meals a day and one snack when hungry. I make sure I have enough protein. And no picking while cooking!
    It really does take as long as it takes. And, for me too, nothing much changed until I addressed my eating habits. Now nearly 50lbs down I can see how clear the answer was.

    Good luck!
    1743 days ago
    All of your words are 150% correct!! Not only blogging - but even more important (IMHO) - is TRACKING. That's tracking EVERY bite you eat (even those when you're cooking). :-)

    For me, I found out my culprit is SUGAR. I love me some sweets. I've rarely met a sweet that I don't like. And I LOVE chocolate. My office situation does NOT HELP. So I've had to learn to ALWAYS have healthy treats at work. That way, when the sugar junk that I love so much comes out, I can have a taste, then a healthy snack.

    You're not alone ... we're all in it together. I do agree with the prior poster who mentions "healthy body weight." My doctor initially told me she wanted to see me at a certain weight. She has now agreed that I would look pretty anorexic at that weight. I will likely NEVER be in the "healthy" BMI range because I'm taller, big-boned and have lots of muscle (muscle weighs heavier than fat).

    Have a great day, my friend!!
    1746 days ago
    You have the same problem as me! impulsive eating is wrecking our weightloss. One thing that helped a little (but still working on this) is to track EVERYTHING (that spoonful of cookie dough left in the bowl-that bite of a leftover candy bar-that piece of bread with butter at 12AM because you were so hungry) and really see what you put in your mouth. my rationale is "do I have the time to sit down and track this bite/spoonful/piece right now?" cause if I don't, I will conveniently "forget" about it later. It has started me thinking before I pop stuff into my mouth! emoticon
    1751 days ago
    Wonderful blog Rach! You said what just about everyone goes through! June is a great time to start again. (Too much graduation parties and eating in May for me) JUNE - here we come!
    1752 days ago
    Restrospect view from me... In August 2011 I was 145 lbs, 5 lbs away from my goal, and in the best shape of my adult life. I became quite frustrated by never being able to bust through that last 5 lbs. I gradually started gaining it back and when I suffered a running injury in June 2012 I gained ALL 25lbs back that I had lost plus 3lbs more. I really think in my endeavor to see a certain number on the scale I ended up cutting off my nose to spite my face so to speak. What I should of done is been satisfied to be at a healthy weight...a healthy BMI...and leading a healthy active lifestyle. I think my body just likes 145 and that is ok. Now my goal is to hit 145 AND maintain it.
    The 10lbs you lament, is it keeping you from a healthy BMI or from being in your "healthy" weight range? If the answer is "no" then you may want to be slightly less hard on yourself emoticon and know that maintaining is never bad emoticon
    1752 days ago
  • SAVOY1
    Thanks for sharing - I could have written that word per word about myself...somehow there's comfort in knowing we're not the only ones. But time to know those behaviours, own them and change them.... and yes, it'll take as ong as it takes to do it! My only stipulation with myself is I need to feel like I am least on a forward path (which may include some back tracks and loops!)
    1752 days ago
    Work on the stress eating, that is my challenge too.
    1752 days ago
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