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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm in week three or four of my post-house sold life. I'm still staying with my friend Ania and her family (husband/two kids) so its a little strange. I'm trying to not be in the way, help out, not make a mess... and apparently not buy food. Their fridge is packed. The first week I was here I brought a ton of food... and there wasn't really room and it stressed Ania out a bit I think.

SO this week, I was just here Tues night-Friday morning, so I didn't bring any food at all. I figured I'll eat as best I can, and not worry about it. So... that's going horribly ;-)

I was so much better with my calories when I made my own sandwiches and fruit and salads... Its okay though. The egg white delight McMuffin at McDonalds is actually really good! I was a little skeptical because the Jimmy Dean D-lite sandwiches can be kinda meh -- but this one is good.

In other news, I'm applying for jobs like crazy. I heard back that I might have a post-doc opportunity at WashU, but that was over a week ago, and I haven't heard back from the PI yet. I got contacted by a head hunter, sent him my resume... and haven't heard back... Basically haven't heard back on a lot of things...

So I'm not stressing. I'm just like Dory, "just keep swimming..." Not trying to get anxious or upset, just enjoying my last few weeks in Columbia. My current PI is paying me until August 31st, so I'll either *a) convince him to keep paying me or *b) get a job~! I'm aiming for *b.

Health wise... I'm annoyed with my clothes. Want to get angry at yourself? Go and try on all the shorts you bought last summer when you were at your skinniest. None... and I mean none of them fit. I about lost it. I'm back to wearing my Spanx if I need to wear something and not have a belly roll. Its like all the weight I gained went right to my spare tire. :-/

My reaction = I need to work out. +stress of suitcase living... helping with kids... not really having my work out equipment = excuses. I'm wearing my armband again to help track, so hopefully I'll see some improvement.

TJ loves me either way. I just need to refocus and love myself more... belly rolls and all. Hopefully this girl will get a job ASAP and get those love handles gone for good!
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    emoticon emoticon I have been in your shoes! Limbo at someone elses place...we lived with my husbands aunt and uncle when we moved and all she could cook was southern cooking, with a lot of lard or oil...(and no flavor! Thank God I found a bottle of italian salad dressing in the fridge...although that did not make anything healthier....but I digress...) Anyway, keep reminding yourself it is just temporary! Doing the best you can in less than ideal circumstances is all you can do! Taking walks might help you feel like your keeping your body moving and give you some space if you need it...It will change soon! Hope you hear something soon! Good luck! Keep moving forward!
    1726 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    That's got to be hard. Good food takes up so much room, and take-out can be expensive. Also hoping the phone starts ringing soon.
    1727 days ago
    I've been in your situation from the other side - quite a few sisters & brothers-in-law stayed with us at some time or another. It works but it's not like being in your own place. Hope everything comes together for you soon.
    1727 days ago
    I hope you find a job soon and everything works out!!
    1727 days ago
    I can imagine the living arrangement, but from the other side. I've had family members and friends crashing for several months at a time. It's a weird situation.
    Hopefully the phone starts ringing!
    1727 days ago
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