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Finding Motivation in Unexpected Places

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I tend to obsess a little about the numbers on the scale, a habit I am consciously trying to change. I weighed myself yesterday, and was slightly disappointed that I hadn't lost at least one more pound this week. Then I went and swam laps for 45 minutes, even though I don't usually do that on Wednesdays. Having a holiday really messed up my schedule, as much as I enjoyed having a day off to spend geocaching with my mother and two of my brothers.

So anyway, I woke up this morning, debating if I REALLY wanted to go for a swim today or not. It's my "normal" swim day, but I just wasn't feeling motivated. I was thinking maybe I'd take a break from exercise, or do something light.

Then I decided to step on the scale, "just to see." And that one pound was gone! Just since yesterday! That was motivation enough to go swimming, since clearly I had burned a ton of calories doing it yesterday.

My second happy surprise came later today. I have to switch hotel rooms tomorrow, so I figured I'd get a head start and start packing everything I don't need for today and tomorrow. I was stunned to realize just how much food I actually have, so no more grocery shopping until I use some of that up! Then I started on my clothes. I have a couple pairs of pants that were too small, motivation for continuing to exercise and eat healthy. I decided to try one of them on, just to see how much further I have to go until it fits comfortably. Even though it's supposedly my current size, it was still much too tight the last time I tried it on. And lo and behold, the pants are now too loose! I lost that window of "just right" and these pants have no belt loops. I guess they get to join the party with all my other "too big" clothes that I've been boxing up to donate.

It's such a great feeling to go "shopping" in my "does this really fit again" drawer. I feel like I've got a whole bunch of new clothes, and an excuse to buy a few new ones. Except that I don't want to spend much money on clothes that I sincerely hope I'll only be wearing for a short time....What a great dilemma to have!
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