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Suck It Up & Ride The Roller Coaster!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

This thing. This journey. This lifestyle, is about true change. When I look back over the years of being unhealthy and gaining weight, I need not look any further than the lifestyle I was living. A lifestyle that included laziness. A lifestyle that included taking the easy road. A lifestyle that included unhealthy eating habit on top of unhealthy eating habit. It is no wonder I gained so much weight.

What is a wonder? What is a wonder is how I managed to make it out the other side.

It is easier to be lazy. It is easier to not watch what you eat. It is easier to just exist. That last part is really something to think about. It is easier to just exist...

I don't know about you, but I am done "just existing". I want to be the change in myself that I have always envisioned. I want to be someone that somebody can look up to and say, "because I've seen him do it, I CAN TOO!" I want to be the person who can look back on their life and not wonder "what if".

I have lived to many years of "what if". NO MORE!

Well, ok. How about one more "what if", for old times sake? What if I didn't live with "what ifs" anymore? What then? I can't say that I honestly know the answer to that question but what I can say is that I sure as heck going to find out because I am done with "what ifs". That is what I like that quote so much in the picture at the beginning of this blog...

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

I've never had a time in my life where I haven't wondered "what if". I have always been cautious with everything from my physical safety to my mental safety. I have never been one to climb trees or go much over the speed limit on the road. I have never been on to take that chance on asking a girl out that I probably don't have any business asking out in the first place because I was always afraid of "no". I have never been the one to put myself out on display in fear that other people would judge me harshly and I couldn't deal with that. I have never been one to push the envelope and take a risk.

Well, as Bob Dylan said back in 1964, "The Times They Are a-Changin'".

I have started "changin" a little bit at a time. Baby steps. Opening up to you guys on a more personal level in blogs (like this) is a baby step. I took another baby step this last weekend. However, by the picture, it doesn't look like a baby step...

The Voyage at Holiday World

That is The Voyage roller coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. I took the kids there this past weekend to ride some rides and have some fun. Guess who is afraid of heights? Me. Guess who doesn't like tall roller coasters? (The Voyage has a Max speed of 67 mph and stands 163' tall!) GUESS WHO RODE THE ROLLER COASTER AND LIVED TO WRITE A BLOG ABOUT IT?


Sometimes, you have to suck it up and ride the roller coaster! I did! Baby steps. I don't have to ever wonder "what if" about that and that is just the beginning!

It isn't easy. It isn't supposed to be. That is what makes it so much sweeter when you accomplish it. So go accomplish it today. You have it within you to "Suck it up & ride the roller coaster"! You have the ability to conquer your roller coaster and cross off a "what if" in your life!

Thursday, I will be crossing off another "what if" that I can blog about next time. Honestly, it is something that scares me even a little more than the height of a roller coaster. It also has a better upside so hopefully the outcome will be another positive cross off of the list, but if not, at least I won't be stuck wondering "what if" I had tried...because I am going to put myself out there and try!

Don't fall victim to "what ifs". Embrace Your Possibilities.

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