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Excuses, excuses...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My personal list of exercise excuses

1. I'm too tired
comeback: Exercise will give me more energy, I can ALWAYS go for a 10 minute walk.

2. It's too hot
comeback: I can plan to do my exercises in the morning or evening when it is cooler.

3. I don't have enough time
comeback: Not true. I seem to have plenty of time to watch TV or play on the internet, so I DO have time to exercise. Start with 10 minutes. emoticon

4. I'll just skip a day
comeback: I need to take of myself EVERY day, and if I skip today, it will be easier to skip tomorrow and the next day and so on. It's a fact, my history proves it.

5. It is uncomfortable because I am fat
comeback: I won't get any thinner just sitting on my butt watching TV, but I WILL if I stick to my program, which includes exercise. Plus each time I do it, it gets a little bit easier.

6. People will stare
comeback:Get over yourself, people aren't staring. And if they were, who cares? F*@% them if they do.

7. It feels like a chore or a punishment
comeback: I can look at it as something I do to take care of my body like bathing or brushing my teeth. My body will thank me.

8. Why bother? I'll always be fat, it isn't worth it
This is really the granddaddy of all the excuses, the reason I make all of them. AND IT JUST ISN'T TRUE!
comeback: I am very worth taking care of, every little thing that I do to care for myself is very important, they will add up and it is worth the effort because I will succeed. I will feel and look better in a few short weeks if I just keep it up.

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