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New Fitness Classes

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I do zumba 3 x a week ( sometimes 4 ) and love it.. I also started a yoga class during the week which I love. For the month of June I am going to give up two zumba classes and a yoga class to try some new fitness classes . Boot Camp 2x week , Aqua Zumba and a class called Turbo Kick. . I am excited to try something new. I have also downloaded the new Spark Solution book on my kindle , I am hoping that with these changes it will help me get out of my rut and reach my goal to lose my last 10 pounds ! Wish me luck !! Will keep you all posted if I survive the Boot Camp ! LOL

Thank you all for the encourgement.

Day 1 Bootcamp - Well started off with running, me and my friend ran 1.5 miles but then found out we really ran 1.78 miles . Yaa for us, since we have never ran in our lives.
Did some strengthing with bands , was a good class.

Turbo Kick - this was an interesting class since once you start your are doing kicks, punches for an hour. wow what a good cardio workout I must say. I was sore from Bootcamp and I am sure I will be really sore tomorrow after this. I will return for Tuesday classes in June. Our instuctor gave us a new taste of a new fitness class which is like zumba but you dance out letters and numbers . It will catch on like zumba I am sure. Its fun and she is the only certified instuctor so far in OHio who will be teaching others the class..

Day 2 Bootcamp - Ran 2 miles today, cannot beleive I am actually running, never have done it and didnt think I would really like it. I am really sore from Turbo Kick but the running helped stretch out my legs which was good for the muscle spasms.. Guess its always good to try something before thinking you cannot do it....

Aqua Zumba - what a diffence in the water than onland for zumba. It was fun and a good way to get my muscles to settle down from the other two workouts i did this week...

I am on my last week of bootcamp and have been running at least 2 miles during this fitness class.. What an experience I have had. I am also signing up for my next class in July then running a 5K with our class, so excited.

I continue to do my Turbo Kick and Aqua Zumba classes for next month too. I am glad I made a switch with my fitness classes ..
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