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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I had to go and see Dr. Gail again today. (the stabby lady) Mommy discovered I had a crusty area on my rt. ear and I was losing my fur on the ear. So, on my way to the vet I sang a song again to Mommy and Daddy. My voice can really get loud too. I think I sound pretty good. Anyway, I had to have my ear scraped, cultured, and had a purple light run all over my body. I was a very good boy..let her do anything she wanted. I leaned against Mommy and it was ok. Well, I tested positive from the purple light for Ring Worm. It showed up in a blue-green light. I also have a yeast infection in my other ear. We were surprised as I never go outside except on the screen porch and am never near another cat. We are going to start treatment even before the culture results come back. Dr. Gail said to have Mommy use Monistat 7 on my ear. I know you ladies know what that is....It has the same stuff that Tinactin has in it but this has the right percentage and is cheaper than the other stuff.

When we came home Daddy washed down the porch floor with bleach and then rinsed it very, very well. It more than likely was from cupboard doors that were sanded back in November. Dr. Gail feels that the spores could have been in the old wood since the cabinets were made in 1950. They didn't treat the wood then and we sanded it down and re-finished them on the porch. That's the only thing she can think of that could have caused me to become exposed and said the spores can live a long time. All my towels have been washed with clorox water and we'll do the best we can. Dr. Gail said stress can bring it on too and Mommy was away for 3 days a week ago. I also threw up everytime Daddy fed me and we were told that was stress related too. I missed Mommy. Mommy's going away from June 27 to July 2. Hope I don't get sick again. I know I'm in good hands with Daddy. I just miss Mommy when she goes away.

Anyway, that was my day. Hope you all had a better day than I did. I'm ok now...Back to my old self wanting to look out the front door, then go back out on the screen porch, then come back in and run to the front door again to look out the screen door. Daddy but a hook and eye thingy on that door so we know it's latched good for me.

Love, Max emoticon
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