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Grabbing the Bull by Its Horns

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I sank $50+ to sign up for the Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race in November.

Time to get serious.

Sunday was my last day to be a slouch. 'A' and I set Monday as the starting off point. So what did I do? I made peanut butter fudge and this fantastic Pizza Balls recipe that I saw floating around on Facebook to share with his family.

He indulged much more than I did. I pretty much behaved. Plus, we spent about an hour and a half in the pool playing water volleyball with his family. Very good workout! (PS - Got brave and wore a bikini without a shirt over it and got compliments. Yay for finding confidence!!)

Monday is when it began. When he texted me around noon to let me know he was home, I headed over. First thing he asked: "What have you eaten?" LoL

Well, friends, I had 3/4 cup of Special K Protein cereal with 1/2 cup of 1% milk and four glasses of water already. I had done some core exercises and legs workouts (Thunder thighs, you are goin' down!!)

While at his place, I had four more glasses of water and he made me dinner (didn't eat lunch). Some awesome Hamburger Helper with rice and lean ground beef. I didn't have nearly enough calories yesterday, but that rarely happens, so it's all good.

Today, I'm walking like I rode a horse all weekend from those lunges and squats. Bowlegged and stiff. Needless to say, I couldn't jog or run this morning, which I was planning on. Grrrr. I'm hobbling around work like I got clubbed in the kneecaps. I still hope to do Coach Nicole's cardio DVD after work, and I'm loosening up a little so I think I will be able to.


I stepped on the scale this morning: 174.0 pounds.

Granted, I didn't eat much yesterday, but WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?

I don't remember ever seeing that number. I was 200lbs in 8th grade, so this number is foreign to me.

I expect it to go up in the morning, but for now, I'm on Cloud 9.

That means, according to the BMI Calculator, I am 0.1 pounds away from the Healthy Range. And that's just crazy talk. I am 91 pounds lighter than my highest recorded weight. More crazy talk.

That goal of mine can happen. It WILL happen. The tide is turning. I'm excited.
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