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70 days! Am I happy or what!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I started changing my eating habits 70 days ago. It is working!! I am losing weight, wanting to exercise! (never did want to before) My energy is getting a boost by cutting out a multitude of bad bad food. I have not had one craving since I started as God is my witness. I used to crave sugar like crazy now since I haven't touched it since day one, I no longer crave it.

What is really amazing to me is I want to exercise now, where even before on other diets/plans I didn't. It has to be the way I am eating.

But since I started eating this way, all these different diets have been coming at me at all angles. I joined all the teams, just to see what they were about. But like I said at the beginning it is overwhelming, and so many eat this not that, all very contradictory.

I will base my plan on my numbers and results to decide what is best for me. Wheat or no wheat (Wheat belly) More meat, more protein (Paleo plan) or just clean eating and none of the refined and processed foods, working well for me so far. But my health is turning up a notch, from being careful of what I do eat.

I am investing in this cool bike (BEACHWALKER1) is where I got the cool idea on her blogs. And this Fall I plan to start bike riding. I haven't done it for years. But the way I am going and the strength and endurance I am building it should be a snap. I am also planning a 3 mile hike on the foothills as well. Every Saturday morning.

I finally found something that is working, I wish I knew about this years back. There would have been no stopping me!!! When men start to notice the change in you, you know your doing it right! It's about danged time! lol

I actually wrote this on another Sparkers blog. And saw the content was very informative as to the way my journey is going.

It took years of doing the wrong thing, you know the yo yo thing, the different types of diet plans (most very costly) This one is just the price I pay for my food, and my time. How many of us have lost, and gained back plus. They didn't give us the facts when we were younger. Today we are finding out the lose and gain + is affecting our organs, weakening them stressing them and it takes it's toll over the years, and trying to repair may or may not happen it just depends on how much damage is done.

When I first joined Sparkpeople I lost 46 lbs. I gained 26 lbs back. Why? Well the good thing is I lost it over a six month period. But I didn't give up the refined foods and sugars. I still had them somewhere in my plan, so during that time I had several binges. The first couple of months I was so high on losing, but the cravings kept happening, and I sneaked chocolate or cake (I was only fooling myself) Had the attitude a little bit won't hurt. Triggered a binge, ate it all. And I ended up going back to old eating habits. And I walked a total of 3 days. And 1 3 mile hike, thought I was going to die. It fell through the cracks, I really wasn't motivated to give up the crap foods, I was like a lot of people "I don't wanna!" You can't take my sugar from me, oh no.

Then it came down to the diagnosis, and what started me on this journey. We all have our stories and this is mine. Doctors appt. in 20 days, results of my numbers and also weigh in after the 90 days on this journey.

And to add I am down two sizes. Don't know how much I weigh right now. Will find out at the
end of my 90 days.
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