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Monday, May 27, 2013

I read Indygirl's blog today and got so sparked and revved up with what she had to say.

She is so smart and should be with all that she has lost and has kept off and I love following her advice because she really helps me to live this life of health and losing weight and keeping it all real and helping me to be transparent as well.

No matter what just keep up the healthy life style changes even if we get off track and over eat every once in awhile all is not lost. Just get back up and go at it again because one goof up does not mean that all is lost it is just another learning experience of what not to do and what our own personal triggers are that have set us off.

Just so long as the scale moves in the right direction no matter how long it takes because as she says that fat and excess weight is really stubborn and does not want to come off.

Even if the weight loss is just a percent of a pound it is in the right direction.

She says she has gone as long as a year without the scale moving, but, she still kept on and oh please read her blog.

She mentions so many things that are just so helpful to me especially since I have so much to lose.

Another thing I have learned is not to get myself depressed with how much I have left to lose but to be satisfied and celebrate what I have lost so far.

Also a person can be losing sizes and shrinking but it still won't register on the scale as a weight loss then but eventually will, so, just keep on keeping on keeping it healthy and real.

I know I am doing the right thing in entering this quest to remove excess weight in the form of excess fat off of my body because Holy Spirit has been pushing me and urging me for quite some time and I am obedient to Him.

This is the good fight of faith which means that I have already one this fight by remaining steadfast, patient which means remaining the same in my faith which are all fruit of the Spirit combined with perseverance and His wisdom and His knowledge and His compassion of knowing me personally and how to lead and guide me in how and what will work for me.

He is giving me His comprehension, His understanding of how to apply all of this together to fight this good fight of faith of weight loss and keeping it off the rest of my life.

This all comes back to allowing my spirit to lead my flesh instead of full filling the lusts of my flesh I am now putting to death the lust of my flesh by allowing the fruit of the Spirit to lead my spirit in all truth, wisdom, love, grace and mercy and stand on the promises of God through Jesus and His precious indwelling Holy Spirit of all truth.
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