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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sometimes it descends like a fine mist
Cloaking me, gradually seeping into my pores
Wending its way to the core of my soul
Leeching the life from my being.

Other times it takes the form of a guillotine-like
Door slamming in my face with the alacrity
Of a runaway train careening down a mountainside
Smashing all in its pathway.

In either case, it comes unexpectedly but predictably
Always couched near formal times of remembrance or
Anniversaries of life’s events on a calendar
Layered in a plethora of emotions that are still unexpectedly raw.

This Gift/Curse, that of feeling and loving passionately, deeply
Can bolster a mountain in the roughest of times or
Cleave a heart into a million tiny pieces when least anticipated
It is truly the ultimate oxymoron.

Ironically, this conundrum of darkness is always
Gilt in gratitude…
For the gift of association and marriage
For the love and caring of a lifetime
For the blessing of truth in your eyes
For the unconditional trust and acceptance we had
Simply for the love of each other.

I miss you to the core of my being my stalwart warrior!
Today, Memorial Day, and always, you will forever own my heart…
~~~Kacey, 5-26-2013
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