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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tonight I'm relaxing with some coffee and a good fictionalized book about the life of Arthur Rimbaud, my favourite poet. I had a very pleasant day. I walked 6 miles and did some kickboxing, as well as built some sandcastles with my son--even though they were made of mud and not of sand. I took my son shopping this morning and got him some summer clothes and some new pajamas, so he should have something comfy to wear to bed tonight (he's successfully outgrown most of his other pjs). And once he's in bed, then I plan to take some time to meditate and do some evening vinyasa yoga to help my back, which has been doing much better since I started doing yoga again.

I have mixed feelings about staying up late, as I am a night person, but I get up at 4 AM most mornings and so going to bed at 8 or 9 when my son does is usually the rule. I know getting enough sleep is important for weight loss, but there just aren't enough hours in the day! I've been better about sleep, though, since I got my Bodymedia armband and have been able to see exactly how much sleep I'm getting. That way I can make a strong effort to get 8 hours even if it doesn't always happen.

I got a haircut the other day, too (a 20's-style bob), and know that I need to get some updated pictures on here. I will have to take some photos tomorrow and post them. One thing I need to start doing is taking progress photos each week. I've been good about logging everything else, but for some reason haven't been taking the photos.

Today I also made out a fitness routine that even includes one rest day (with 20 minutes of gentle yoga so I stay flexible), cardio 6 times a week, and strength training 3 times a week, along with stretching every day and bellydance (and of course my walks added to that). I will slowly work on implementing all of it, but I'm excited about it and I can always make some tweaks to it once I figure out if I need to be doing less on the days that I have my son. Overall, though, I'm very happy with the routine and look forward to trying it out starting tomorrow (today was supposed to be my rest day but I ended up walking and kickboxing, whoops). It should make a big difference in my overall wellbeing.

As far as diet goes, I need to start committing to eating more, which I know sounds weird, but lately I haven't been eating my minimum calories and that can be detrimental to weight loss success as much as overeating. So, I've been buying nuts to try to help me get my calorie count up. I managed to solve my protein problem with a lot of nonfat greek yogurt added to my diet (most days I don't even need protein shakes now), but the problem with the nuts is that they're pretty high in fat so I'll have to watch my fat in other areas if I'm going to be eating them. I've also been really low on my carbs lately, which makes sense as I don't think I've had a piece of bread in over 2 weeks. So, I bought some Fiber One cereal so I can get more fiber and carbs in one bowl. But, overall my diet has been improving and I am working to add more fruits and veggies in as well, and get all my water intake--a lot to manage! One step at a time.

I look forward to the coming week and whatever it may have in store for me. I'm ready.
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    You continue to amaze me. You have such a positive outlook on life. Keep it up and the good life will always be yours. I want to see your bob haircut so take pictures before it grows back out.

    Pilates Lovers
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
    1757 days ago
    I'll bet the bobbed haircut looks adoreable on you! Goodfor you for doing that for yourself. WE all need to do that one in awhile.

    Time -- your right. There are only 24 hrs. in a day to work with and you can only do so much in that time. So, just do what you can! It's impossible to be SuperWoman. We all try, but doesn't work after awhile! Wears us out.

    You're right that enough sleep really does help with the weigt control. There are so man hormones that are released during our sleep and without adequate down time, there' s an imbalance. I can ALWAYS tell when I aven't had enough sleep because I crave carbs. And that makes sese, because our ghrelin (the "I'm hungry" hormone) is HIGH without enough sleep. Our leptin (the "I'm full" hormone) is LOW without enough sleep so we don't feel satisfied with the amt. of food thatwe'd normaly eat.

    Well, have a good read tonight! HUGS
    1757 days ago
    Dear Blecc4391,

    You sound very organized and determined!! I wish you the best of success on your weight management journey (although you planning makes me feel you're halfway there). In the meantime, "ten mucho cuidado" means "take good care"!!

    All the best!
    1757 days ago
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