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Homework Assignment: Quick and Easy Meals.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is always tough for me, because what is quick and easy for me is not always what my DH and DS want to eat. And what's with the SparkPeople pop-out ads on the right side of my blog entry pop-out window??

Quick meals for me ---

Cans of beans - black beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, navy beans, black eyed peas - I am happy with beans for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Peanut Butter - must gotta be the kind that is basically ground up peanuts and a smidge of salt. Or even salt-free but usually I see it with salt (preservative). No sugar. No other fats - just the peanut oil that separated out of the ground up peanuts. Favorite or usual brands include Adam's Peanut Butter and Laura Scudder's Peanut Butter (both of which were 'assimilated' by the Smuckers, partly because their own Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter years ago tasted awful - they used stale peanuts? - but thankfully they've allowed the Laura Scudder's quality control to take precedence, so now the Smuckers Natural brand is much improved.) But Laura Scudder's PB is better butter for this mutter. OOoops. I'm supposed to be talking about Quick and Easy Meals.

So ... I digress.

Oh one quick meal that I really love, if I have some decent avocados on hand, is to toast one or two pieces of my healthiest bread on hand (usually Ezekial bread, or some of the 100% whole wheat breads like OroWeat or Earthgrains, whatever I can find that does NOT have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it - I don't care what the propaganda-meisters say, HFCS does not agree with my guts.), and I give it a tablespoon of natural peanut butter on it, and then cut and scoop out an avocado, and schmoosh it onto the top of the peanut butter. Sometimes I top it with another slice of PB covered bread. Usually I have it all single slice of bread. So two slices of bread, 1 tablespoon of PB on one slice of bread (for a total of 2 TBS of Peanut Butter - which would be one serving of peanut butter - just divided between the two slices/two servings of bread, and one avocado sliced (each half is one serving, I believe, so one half does a nice job of covering one slice of bread. It can be sliced on there, I guess, since the peanut butter is there to keep it from sliding around. But I find smooshing the avocado onto the peanut butter holds it all on there better. So I eat both if I'm dying of starvation, or I'll pace it out and have one for breakfast and one for lunch. The issue, for me, is that the avocado turns brown and yukky fairly quickly, unless slimed over with lime or lemon juice and refrigerated...and then lime covered avocado doesn't play nice with peanut butter. But perfectly ripe avocado lends this delicate buttery creaminess that really complements peanut butter. I've not tried it with tahini or almond butter or other nut butters...I suspect they all would play nice with avocado.

So anyway... These are some of the ideas....

Other quick meals... frozen green beans that I like to steam cook over the stove, as I'm trying to not use my microwave as much. Or open a can of sardines, yum! It goes good with ummmm well, straight up!! or with rice, noodles, etc.

Okay I gotta go mow some more!

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