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What a good feeling...

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

It always feels good when you get feedback from others that confirms what you are doing is right. I have often wondered about my swimming technique since I have not had any formal lessons in endurance swimming, unless you count summer camp when I was 10. At 10 years old, girls had cooties, so the only thing that really held my attention was catching crayfish and getting into water fights. Learning how to properly swim was low on the list.

Yesterday I went swimming at the Y with another guy from the gym that is training for the Steelhead 70.3 in Lower Michigan. It was great to finally get together with another like minded athlete and talk a little shop. While we were there, we ran into the coach who will be putting on a class to prep people for the local sprint tri coming up in a couple months. As luck would have it, he was also going for a swim as well and agreed to check out our technique and provide feedback.

What he had to say after my swim was like music to my ears, my technique is fantastic and even more amazing is that I learned from watching a DVD with no formal training. He only needed to make one suggestion to correct a minor problem in my form where my reach is crossing my centerline. He gave me some drills to try to correct the problem. I could tell right away that it was what I was needing. I was having some difficulty in doing my 45 degree rotations as I did the crawl, now it was much, much easier and I was gliding with greater efficiency. I am going to try to get into his class although my schedule will only allow me to attend maybe half of the sessions if I'm lucky. $90.00 is a small price to pay to have what you are doing examined and corrected if needed and, like my bike fit, would be money well spent.

I also ran onto the manager of the gym that I will be teaching the classes at and I admitted that as much as I wanted to do it, I felt nervous and intimidated by delivering the material. Everything I am doing is totally an extension of me, it's my material, my work, my show. What if it isn't well received? What if I really fail or make a fool out of myself? These are all people in my local area. It's not like if i goof up in Sparkland I can skulk off and disappear. These are people who I will run into, people I work with, and it's a small town where word gets around quick.

Basically it's all about fear of failing publicly.

She told me very plainly that she is protective of her gym and her business. If she did not have 100% confidence that I could deliver, she would have never told me to move forward with my idea. I took time to really digest that. It was then I realized what being brave is all about. It isn't some false front that you put up to hide your fear. It's when you believe in what you are doing so strongly that your conviction overrides your fear. Your are still nervous but your passion drowns out the voices of doubt.

I believe in what I am doing and I believe in why I am doing it.

I will succeed.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • v 4CYNDI
    WOOHOO! Sounds like you are on the right track on many fronts. Always good to have positive feedback.
    1145 days ago
    Never doubt your ability, you've got this!
    1147 days ago
  • v DRB13_1
    do well in your triathlon!
    1149 days ago
  • v 4RASCALS
    You said it yourself " I Believe in what I'm doing and I believe in why I'm doing it"
    There is no doubt here that you will be a success.
    1150 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon On with the show! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1150 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/31/2013 2:38:00 PM
    Just look at it this way. You have many cheering you on! emoticon
    1150 days ago
  • v LINDAK25
    I agree with Mobii!

    You can do this! You're not that 10 year old anymore. You are a fully realized, competent adult! Just keep moving forward.
    1151 days ago
  • v _MOBII_
    BOYS are the ones with the cooties! (This has been a public service announcement)

    That will do great!
    1152 days ago
    Believe in yourself, Robert! You are doing fantastic things, and you are providing hope and encouragement to others! What a wonderful opportunity for you.

    I have a quote for you - I hope it helps:

    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says "I'll try again tomorrow" ~ Mary Anne Radmacher, American Writer

    Your determination in the face of all the *hard things* will, and IS, paying off!

    1152 days ago
    That is a great feeling!!! I love reading what help others out secretly trying to apply it to my own situations. I am so glad you blog :) Keep up the great work!

    1152 days ago
  • v PIXIEMOM13
    Oh well done, Robert!!
    I'm so happy for you that your swim technique is good..and from basically being 'self taught' from a DVD.. you are awesome, my friend, awesome!

    And as for your class, I have no doubts you'll be awesome in that... you are articulate and authentic... and those are two qualities that can't be beat!

    There are two things that strike me in this blog like "OMG, its like he's reading my mind"...and hit home because of how articulate you are... my big fear on training/trying for MCM in October is...and its the big fear... of failing publicly...

    Anyway I know you'll be awesome (to borrow a word I've become fond of because of Sandiegojohn.) :D
    1153 days ago
    1153 days ago
    Sometimes, even bravery needs a bit of a nudge. emoticon
    1153 days ago
    YES!!! And one way to practice this is with a video. Try it a couple of times without the camera, then get someone to video you. You will be amazed at what you will learn. I used to be a member of Toastmasters, and that was one way to improve speaking skills. It was a group from my office, so I was putting myself out there, too. It was scary, but worth it! You are SO going to rock them!!!!
    1153 days ago
    Sometimes a simply word or statement of encouragement is all that we need to get through it. I can't wait to see how your training pays off!
    1153 days ago
    What a great ego building weekend. Way to go
    1153 days ago
  • v LEWILL1982
    I love your last line! "It's when you believe in what you are doing so strongly that your conviction overrides your fear." I'm gonna borrow that from you and post it on my fridge if you don't mind. Congrats on your validation, that means the world sometimes!
    1153 days ago
    I'm sure you will do amazing teaching!! Just be confident in what you are doing and just laugh it off if you make a mistake. It happens to everyone even the best and people will understand. Good luck with your new endeavor!!
    1153 days ago
    You should be very proud of yourself... I'm sure your family is!
    1154 days ago
  • v LINDAKAY228
    I know you will do awesome! Growth is about facing your fears and walking through them. If we never try anything, we won't grow. So just as all your work toward triathalons and racing and things you've done to grow as a person, that same need to face your insecurities and teach is pushing you into another way of personal growth as well as helping others. Congratulations on the confidence she has in you, and also the good comments on your swimming!
    1154 days ago
  • v NWFL59
    Great news about your form and I suspect you'll excel in your class. emoticon emoticon
    1154 days ago
  • v CM_GARDNER78
    You will do AMAZING!! You aren't just talking out your butt - you are WALKING THE WALK!!! You CAN DO IT!!!!! I believe in you too!!! :-) ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))
    1154 days ago
  • v JUNEAU2010
    Isn't it funny how we are full of self doubt but have tons of confidence in others? This is the case her - I have zero doubt about your success!
    1154 days ago

    There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to do an awesome job delivering that material. One of my biggest pet peeves is some skinny person, who has been skinny all their lives, trying to tell me how to lose weight.

    I read your materials & they are FANTASTIC!!! You did all that work to come up with those materials. You've been where we are & you're still doing the work. That adds so much more validity to your presentation because you'll be speaking from your heart.

    Can't wait to here how well it was received. Please keep us posted!!
    1154 days ago
  • v DDOORN
    Such amazing and varied accomplishments! Wow!

    1154 days ago
    "...being brave is...when you believe in what you are doing so strongly that your conviction overrides your fear. Your are still nervous but your passion drowns out the voices of doubt."

    I've just realized, in reading your lbog, that maintaining my passionate drive to regain my health is often the ONLY thing that drowns out the incessant babbling of my fear that I will fail at doing so yet again.

    "I will succeed."

    So you shall, Robert.

    And so shall I.

    Thank you for helping me remember that.
    1154 days ago
    You already succeeded! Good for you!
    1154 days ago
    So glad to hear the report about swimming technique. Great that you got some useful feedback.

    Also, glad to hear about your conversation with the gym manager. You CAN and will succeed.

    1154 days ago
  • v 123ELAINE456
    AWESOME BLOG!!! The Gym Manager has 100% Confidence in You and so do All Of Your Spark Friends. YOU WILL SUCCEED. We have our Faith in You. Continue on with your Program. Keep pushing forward. This is The Way for You To Go. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Wonderful Memorial Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R>
    1154 days ago
    I believe you will succeed too! Go for it!
    1154 days ago
    You can do it Robert!

    I saw this on FB:
    "You only have 3 choices in life: Give up, Give in, or Give it All You Got!"
    1154 days ago
    Your definition of bravery is spot on. You'll be brave and be a better person because of it.
    1155 days ago
  • v JOYCRN
    You will succeed because you care enough about others to want to help them even if it means some anxiety for you. We have read your blogs long enough to know that you have a lot to offer. What a great answer the gym owner gave you! emoticon
    1155 days ago
    You are an amazing being, full of creativity, courage, and self-determination!
    1155 days ago
  • v _JODI404
    Robert, *I* definitely believe in you!! If you start having doubts....someone needs to talk you back down because what you are doing is so important.

    You have information to share that will *change lives*!!! You know this information first hand. You are an excellent writer!! If public speaking makes you nervous, you can work on that as well to get ready. I think it will be incredibly well received. Don't let fear stop you. It didn't stop you in those early races and it should not be allowed to stop you now!!

    How awesome to hear such great feedback about your swim technique & to go with a buddy. My husband learned from the Total Immersion DVD & Book, and he did take a series of lessons with a coach. I think he has since then purchased an additional DVD that he also likes. He joined a gym just for the pool access, he is not a gym type like I am.

    Be BRAVE, face your fears head on! Be STRONG ~ you will need strength, courage, grit to conquer IRON... and if you do 70.3, you can share your story with passion and gusto to boot!

    YES ~ I AM a big cheerleader for you!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1155 days ago
    emoticon I love reading your blogs emoticon
    1155 days ago
  • v FITFOODIE806
    It's not just that you will succeed. You ARE succeeding. You are living a healthy life, doing things you enjoy, living the example. The class will certainly be an extension of that.
    1155 days ago
    Yes, you WILL succeed! I'm so glad things are moving along in a positive direction for you.
    1155 days ago
    Good job all around!!
    1155 days ago
    Congrats! Seems like you're getting load of confirmations... that an energy supplier there!

    As for fear, I agree.. it's not faking it.. it's looking what you fear dead on in the eyes and reaching deep for your conviction, your mojo, your courage, whatever you call it and doing what you fear IN SPITE of the fear... it's a powerful feeling.. and it's like a muscle.. the more you exercise it the bigger it gets and it can handle heavier loads... so get ready, you're gonna be knocking down a lot of walls with your courage muscle!

    1155 days ago
    Robert we all believe in you. You will succeed.
    1155 days ago
  • v TIME-4-TINA
    that was good that you were able to get feedback on your stroke. I mean, you can't see yourself doing it. My pool at the gym has a lot of windows. sometimes when the sun would shine in I could see my shadow at the bottom of the pool when I would swim. So you know what I would do, I would tried to look at my shadow while swimming and see if I was doing it right. (not the best method of getting feedback. ha ha!!)

    Glad you got validation from the gym manager too.
    1155 days ago
  • v DALID414
    1155 days ago
    You WILL succeed! emoticon and emoticon
    1155 days ago
  • v OPTIMIST1948
    I think the gym manager is right!
    1155 days ago
  • v GINA180847
    If I lived within 100 miles from that gym you could not keep me away. Alas I probably live 6000 miles away so it is not in my power. Picture me so sad! emoticon
    1155 days ago
    YES... YOU... WILL..!

    Tell those obnoxious little voices in your head to shut up.

    I tell mine that all the time!
    1155 days ago
  • v 19-VICKI-56
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1155 days ago
    I think it's good and quite "normal" to be nervous but I'm sure you're going to do well. Look at the feedback you've received already and let's face it: You've done the work! You don't talk the talk; you walk the walk. I promise you -- you can't go wrong! I will wish you good luck only for your nerves! emoticon
    1155 days ago
    Wonderful!You're doing fantastic!
    1155 days ago
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