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Part II - The Spark Diet

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle - 4 Stages:

1. Fastbreak
2. Healthy diet habits
3. Lifestyle change
4. Spread the spark

Stage 1 - Fastbreak:

Action Steps:
1. Set fast break goals.
2. Plan sparktime.
3. Reaffirm focus.
4. Set up shop.
5. Choose rewards.
6. Learn about what I currently eat

Spark Time:
1. Plan and review
2. Read and reflect
3. Exercise

3 Small Goals:
1. Exercise for 1 hour either 4 days per week, or 45 minutes 5 days per week.
2. Blog 3-5 times per week.
3. Eat healthy and count calories - stay within calorie range with only one skip day per week.

Long Term Goal - to lose 40 pounds.

Short Term Goal - to exercise 6 hours per week.

I chose these goals because I want to be at a healthy weight. This is important to me because I want to have more energy, less pain, and to look sexy. I don't want to feel controlled by food anymore and I want to learn how to cook food and desserts that are healthy and tasty and find exercise that is a good workout and fun at the same time. I want to feel the rush that I can only get from challenging myself and going farther than I ever thought possible.

My goals are to:
- lose 40 pounds
- do a charity walk
- making exercising a regular habit
- stay within my calorie range 6 days per week
- learn 2 healthy recipes
- try a new sport or plan an old one again
- start drinking 8 glasses of water per day
- do 100 crunches every day

Stage 2 - Healthy Diet Habits:

Week 2 Action steps:
- Take the healthy lifestyle pledge
- Adopt the top nutrition secrets of success
- Track your food for weight loss following the SP nutrition guidelines
- Exercise consistently
- Get adequate sleep

"I promise to make healthy and positive choices so that I can live a healthy lifestyle and reach my goals."

"Your diet should be filled with food you enjoy, not food you see as a source of guilt or remorese."

Nutrients your body needs each day:
- Carbs
- Proteins
- Fats
- Iron
- Calcium
- Zinc
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin D

"Take it one step, one habit, even one meal at a time."

- eat 3 meals daily with 1-2 snacks
- eat approximately the same amount of calories at each meal, with slightly more at breakfast and lunch
- avoid eating carbs with protein
- include a small amount of healthy fat at every meal - olive oil, nuts, seeds, flaxseed, peanut butter and avocados
- aim for 25-35g fiber/day (from fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds)
- 8 cups of water per day
- eat protein, healthy fat, and fiber at every meal
- drink water with meals and in the evening
- don't eat mindlessly, eat at the table
- cook at home

Stress and sleep are two building blocks that have strong criss-cross effects

Breakthrough point - when incrimental change suddenly shows itself in marked improvements

Cornerstone - Fire:

Fire - the fuel that turns small sparks into big flames, which creates action and momentum. The force that helps you deal with setbacks, stay on course, accomplish your goals, and reach your dreams.

The best time to act like a kid is when you're an adult.

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire" - Ferdinand Foch

Life is the sum of our decisions and actions; results appear where we place our energies.

Life = decisions + actions

1. Get organized
2. Know how to prioritize
3. Stretch yourself but don't break
4. Be a visualizer
5. Learn and do whatever you want
6. Don't worry about what other people think
7. Innovate and be creative

We have the ability to choose how we respond to life's circumstances - no matter how challenging.

If we believe it, we will do it.

Character - the foundation of personal leadership, a set of behavior traits - mostly learned - that define what sort of individual you are.

Traits I want to develop as I try to reach my goals:
- accountability
- commitment
- enthusiasm
- generosity
- gratitude
- honesty
- humor
- initiative
- kindness
- optimism
- patience
- respect
- responsibilty
- tolerance

Choose an action you feel confident you can sustain.

Breakthrough Steps:
- the aha moment - when you realize something for the first time
- the woohoo! moment - when you have taken action and want to celebrate
- the breakthrough point - when you string together enough small steps made up of aha and woohoo moments, something that can accelerate your life
- two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward
- AON Girl is the enemy of consistency and momentum
- Motivation may be the most powerful tool we possess for reaching goals
- There is no ally in the world as powerful as yourself

- I am worth the effort it takes to exercise
- I love the feeling of making progress
- I enjoy being healthy
- My body is becoming stronger, slimmer, and healthier every day
- Approach your goals from a position of possibilities

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