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Can't sleep,still upset, MILrant

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Woke up this morning with a headache, so I made DH take Anissa to try and sleep it off. When I got up he suddenly suggest we go see a movie. He then mentioned that his grandma wants to we Anissa again because she didn't get to hold her at dinner the other night. His mom and aunt had hogged her. I like his grandma and thought that she got ripped off. So I said see if your cousin wants to babysit. I should have just said no then.

We dropped her off and explained all the diapers and toys to his cousin. She was surprised at how easy the cloth diapers were. Even DH told them his cousin and aunt that the diaper has to fit snugglie.around the waist. DH brought the bouncy chair to put her in incase she needs to nap and we told them that is what it was for. They nod in understanding, and as we were leaving out the door I hear him mutter to his aunt that his mom is coming by. This makes me think she is the one that guilted him about his grandma once again.

When we get there they tell us that she was a joy. I asked if she napped and they said yes then his mom points at the chair and says that it is not comfortable so they laid her in the bed to sleep. At this point I was screaming inside. The chair has a belt to keep her from falling out and is suitable for a short nap as it is portable. His aunt wouldn't hand her over even and I was getting annoyed by it. His mom kept wiping her hand every time she put it in her mouth. I kinda snapped when she picked up the blanket and said it was all wet and wondered why. "Well you keep wiping her hands every time she puts them in her mouth, kind of a redundant task as she puts it back right away!" She then comes back and says she is still hungry. You need o fed her more that is why she is putting her hand in her mouth. " no she puts her hand in her mouth because she is teething" oh is all she could say.

When we got in the car I told DH that I knew his mom wouldn't use the chair. Why did I know this because she has told me numerous times she thinks it is in uncomfortable. And said that the bed was no place for a baby to sleep. He comes back and says he would rather have her sleep on the bed then the bouncy chair. Of course defend his mom does not see the safety hazard his mom had put our daughter in.
When I got home and changed her the diaper was put on wrong yet again. It is like my mouth moves but no words come out for these people.

I have been so upset all night that when I tried to go to sleep my head ft like it was spinning. I dread her visit on Monday that she had to "book" on Thursday. When she is going to see her on Friday and next Sunday. This woman is manipulating DH to get her way. I feel like just walking out and never coming back when she is here. And I am sure she wished I did!
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    Oh man... the fact that MIL is manipulating DH is not good! The last thing you need is for her to get in the middle of your relationship - yikes. That said, I agree with Jess- it's YOUR life and I think it's time to set healthy boundaries. I know that is easier said than done, but I don't think the situation is going to get better on its own. You should not have to be upset EVERY SINGLE TIME you have to deal with your MIL. Life is a compromise and because you love DH, you put up with this woman, but... you still need a certain kind of respect. Trust me... if you don't find a happy compromise, it will start affecting your relationship with DH and that's the last thing you need. I wish you the best with finding some way to find that compromise. MIL probably has good intentions, but there is only so much excuse for poor execution.
    Trust me, I have my own Mother, who is not the easiest person to deal with- she lives far away and that creates some different types of challenges, but finding healthy boundaries and being able to find that happy compromise has been a lifelong journey :-) So... I do get it more than you probably realize.

    Your happiness is important!

    1605 days ago
    Oh, Robin... it's not getting any better with your MIL.
    Honestly, it's YOUR LIFE! And you have the power to tell her you are busy or that you just don't want company so often. Why is that such a bad thing? (Especially since she is just sooo difficult for you, I wouldn't want her over so often either!)

    I'm glad you were vocal with her about the baby blanket. I mean, sheesh... yes, a teething babd will be very slobbery and wet. Can't imagine changing her blanket every time a little saliva gets on it! Maybe it's her upbringing, maybe her mother was a nit-picker. I think the sooner you stand up for your beliefs (even if it means hurting her feelings) the sooner you will find peace and start living the life YOU want for you, Anissa and Byron!

    Big hugs, Chica!! emoticon
    1606 days ago
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