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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I was out walking the dog this afternoon and spotted an elliptical in front of a house that is for sale. The elliptical had a big FOR SALE sign on it and a phone number. I glanced at the phone number, as we walked past. I repeated it to myself a couple of times thinking I would call when we got home from our walk. (I couldn't call during our walk, because my cell went through the washing machine and no longer works.) I figured I would call and find out how much they were asking. I also figured it might be sold by the time we got home, as it was at the start of our 6 mile route. So, I called the phone number (which I remembered... Miracle of miracles!), got a price, and asked if I could pick it up tomorrow, thinking I would borrow my dad's truck. The guy selling it asked where I live, and I told him I live just down the street, and he offered to deliver it. So, I am now the proud owner of my very own elliptical, which is sitting in my living room. I used it for about 15 minutes this evening. I am guessing on the time because the computer needs batteries, which I am getting from my parents tomorrow in exchange for some of the muffins I baked this evening.

So, it was a good day. Went out to my parents' house earlier than usual this morning as we decided lasagna would be a good idea for lunch, and that takes longer to make than the stir fries, or other things I tend to make for them. Dad and I stopped at the grocery store and got mozzarella and ricotta (both part skim). Well, I went in the store while dad stayed in the truck with Cooper. Cooper always acts like he thought I would NEVER come back when I leave him in the truck with my dad. Silly dog! Anyway, I assembled the lasagna, washed the pots and dishes we used to prepare the various components, then took Cooper for a short walk while it baked. I recorded our walk as regular walking, but it was more like hiking, as I left him off the leash and took him back on the wooded trails behind my parents' house. We got back in time to pull the lasagna out of the oven, then I took Cooper back out while the lasagna set. Finally, we sat down to our meal of spinach lasagna, red bell pepper slices and watermelon. The lasagna turned out really well. Dad even had seconds. After lunch I left Cooper with dad and zipped down to my elderly friend, Peter's, place to trim his cat's claws. He pays me a little bit on occasion, and he pays me a little extra if I let him take my picture. He was in a photo sort of mood today. He pissed me off though. He told me to stop losing weight, because he thinks I look "gaunt"! Grrr... I think I look pretty healthy. Anyways... After leaving his irritating company I went to the store and picked up a few things like dog treats and laundry detergent. You know, useful things. I wanted to stop at the book store, but I stopped myself. It is sad. It is our last book store in town and they are closing at the end of this month. The internet sales and e-readers drove them out of business. We still have a used book store in the next town, but they are only open on the weekends. But I digress. I filled the gas tank in my dad's truck, which I borrow on a fairly regular basis, then went back to my parents' to get the dog. Dad was out brush chopping, so I bounced on their rebounder for 15-20 minutes while I waited for him. I came home with a bag full of food from their house. I took some of the ingredients for the lasagna with me this morning, but returned with more food than I took! I even got a half dozen cage free chicken eggs. How cool is that? After getting back from our 6 mile walk this afternoon I mixed up another batch of applesauce oatmeal muffins, this time with craisins and walnuts.

I ended up walking 9.9 miles with the dog, plus whatever I walked while cooking and running errands, but who knows how much that amounted to as I didn't have my pedometer on for most of the day. I also did two SP videos, just for variety. Now, that I have the rower and elliptical, and some weights I think I will not renew my gym membership when it runs out. I asked my mom to keep an eye out for 15 and 20 pound weights and a rebounder, possibly for my birthday presents this year. That would be so cool. There is a village wide yard sale next weekend that stretches about 20 miles. She said we would look during that for various fitness gear wish list items.

So, my point with all this blathering is that I had a very nice day... the sun even came out!

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