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The poundage creep

Saturday, May 25, 2013

When I was gaining weight back in the day, I could tell you how I felt with every 10 pounds I gained.

By the time I would hit the single digit placement of a "6" (ie, 156, 166, 176, 186) I was already resign to the fact that it was too late, I was a failure at life in general, and I was already in the next section of the 10's why bother. And with that, year, after year, I gained weight.

That was how I thought.... much to my mental and physical anguish, that honestly, I have never really vocalized until now.

Why now? Well, that is a good question.

Every so often, my brain thinks like that - "well, here comes the "6" again...loser" emoticon

And I have to fight back those old brain patterns that got me into trouble 5 to 20 years ago.

It's not easy to do, but I do it anyway now...because let's face it, being cogniscient of behavior patterns is a big part of winning the battle of the bulge. It's a learned thing too...full of trial and error (sadly, many more errors than we'd all like to admit to too).

So instead of resigning to the higher number when I see the "6" on the scale, I turn to what I know to be true - the real truth - my beloved nutrition tracker - and I take immediate stock of what is going into my body and how I am using it (or not using it).

And it works every single time I have done that.

There is no creep into the next 10s placement.

There is no having to buy new clothes in the next size up (although at this point, I have reworn things so much my wardrobe is sad all due to the fact that I DON't buy new clothes! LOL that is another blog entirely!!!)

There is no mental put-down and inevitable slide into a mini-depression (my own terminology for my funk). That difference alone is HUGE!

So here is what I am proposing to you, reader, if you have that funky mental creep come into your world and onto your scale...think about things in a different light, do something simple like tracking your nutrition (yes, the good the bad and the ugly you have eaten), and see what happens instead of reaching for the "comfort food of your choice" to make the bad thoughts go away via your tummy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your blogs are always well written and I so enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing as always!

    1692 days ago
    I am so glad that you posted this and that I read it today!!!!

    The timing was perfect. I have really been struggling with this the last couple of weeks. I have made it a goal to increase my cardio to burn off extra fat and calories, and I have been very successful.......with increasing my cardio......I am doing the elliptical like crazy.....increasing my time/intensity/calories everyday! However.......I am gaining weight!!!! And not just a couple of pounds...... I was sooo close to breaking that 140 mark.....,now I looking back at the 150 end spot!!!!

    So I really needed this! I'm the best tracker in the world.......for exercise.....but when it comes to nutrition tracking, I'm the biggest slacker!!! And I know this! And I know I've let myself have a little of this, or a little more of that......and look what it's done for me. I'm so bummed because I have my physical coming up on June 19th, and I knew my doctor was going to be so proud of me for having hit 140 or maybe even below....but now I'm closer to 150 than 140.....****

    So I know what I have to do, and thank you for reminding me of it!

    Luv ya Girl!!!!
    Donna emoticon emoticon
    1693 days ago
    This is a truly great blog, and I love REBECCATKD response!
    1697 days ago
    Oh, the reach for the comfort food, is so strong.
    1698 days ago
  • MILLIE5522
    Great blog!
    1701 days ago
    It's funny, Annie, I've got the same "6 disease" but in terms of kilograms! That's the main reason I want to be down to 65. So, I can feel that I truly belong to the 60s and be further away from the 70s!!
    I really liked Rebecca's conversation, though! We could use it every time the scale shows a number we feel is unwelcome!
    1702 days ago
    Funny you say that about the 2 or the 3, because that is my where "My happy place" is! Truly it is better than the "6!"
    1703 days ago
  • DALID414
    How crazy that mine would be the 6, too! Although I'm working on getting a 0 at the end of my number so then my number would be the 2 or 3. Being short makes the number leash shorter, too! emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Oh yeah! Sing it! I have been fighting the creep myself and he is a CREEP! After 2 months of bad sleep, illness, stress, I have to buckle in and stay there.

    1703 days ago
    LOL Beccs..I like that and it's sorta kinda, but I can abbreviate it even more cut and dry like "Hell NO!!!"

    1703 days ago
    I was picturing the conversation:

    "Oh, hello Six. I see you've stopped by again. I'm afraid you can't stay long; I was just about to go work out and then cook a healthy meal. But it was good to see you because you're a wonderful reminder of how I've changed my life. Thank you, Six. Let me see you out."

    (Does that work for you?) emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Great advice! emoticon emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Ever notice how the number that made you cringe on the way up looks good when you got higher? Then on the way down it's celebration instead of cringing. Now if people could only adjust to the time differential: it took a long time ( year after year you said), and everyone wants it to be faster on the way down. Your planner and your patience will be rewarded.
    1703 days ago
  • KANOE10
    That is an excellent blog. I love "So instead of resigning to the higher number when I see the "6" on the scale, I turn to what I know to be true - the real truth - my beloved nutrition tracker - and I take immediate stock of what is going into my body and how I am using it (or not using it).

    And it works every single time I have done that.

    There is no creep into the next 10s placement. "

    This successfully describes what we deal with when we have up pounds., It simply tells you what you need to do..but also lets you know that you can stop the creep and that tracking works.

    I also had those negative all of nothing thoughts for years and gave up and bought new clothes so many times. Now I am focused on maintenance and fitting the clothes I have now.

    Thanks for dealing with a subject and feelings we all share. I have decided that instead of calling it up pounds....I will call them the creep pounds. That suggests movement and the need for action!!!!!


    1703 days ago
    Good advice.. thanks.
    1703 days ago
    It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.

    Make Today a Great Day!
    1703 days ago
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