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I don't know what to do with myself.

Friday, May 24, 2013

(Note to those who don't know me: I am 22, in college and alive at home. And I had ADD so I tend to jump topics pretty often.) I know what to do, but I don't. I sit on the couch, or even my bed, just playing on the computer all day. Honestly, if I did not have a job or class, I likely would never go outside. That is the honest truth. What do I do? I am convinced one day I will get fit, and live healthy. But one day will never be here if I don't do anything. I want to blame my family and job for my poor eating. My family buys stuff that is truly unhealthy, but I eat it. And I work in front of a fryer most of the day at work (I work at a seafood restaurant that majors in fast food). But honestly, I can make my own meals. I can bring stuff in, I can prep stuff, I know food better than Robin Williams knows comedy. I just need to start working on this list of stuff that I will do.

I always complain after work, my back hurts, or my shirt is wet, or I smell like fried seafood, or I don't have a change of clothes. I never go to the gym. I have an active gym membership, paying $40/month, yet I have not been in over four months. When I do go, I just do cardio because I don't know what exercises complement each other, and I feel as though I cannot push my muscles enough to really do any hard work.
I have a goal of running a 5k by my birthday, July 16. I can run about a minute right now. I need to run about 30-45 minutes to be able to complete the 5k.
At the Warrior Dash I completed last Saturday, I found my starting pace is rather fast, but it tires me out too much. I don't know how to restrain myself to conserve energy. I guess I just gotta do it to figure these things out, right?

Also, for those who eat rather healthy, how much veggies do you go through a week? I seem to eat a LOT of veggies when I have it around. And healthy breakfast ideas? Workout ideas/plans? Something that works?

I just get so frustrated at myself. I know what I should be doing. I think about it all day, every day. It's almost become an obsession, yet I still do not follow the lifestyle. At this point I feel as though that physique I see these other people have is impossible. That it is just a dream, an illusion. I know I gotta do things progressively and I'll make it, but it seems so far and so hard.
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    Start with one thing... like you asked about b'fast. Start with getting used to eating something healthy (me lately, I've found great convenience in a 100cal greek yogurt and a banana)... which leaves me plenty of wiggle room for a morning snack like fruit cup or real fruit).

    Once you get used to that, tackle another meal! I've chosen this time around, to try to not focus TOO much on eating ONLY things that are perfectly healthy or full of nutrition, but upon logging things - they still tend to fall into place, and I'd been running below my recommended calorie range. Portion control is probably my biggest enemy. Last round about in Sparking, and focusing on ONLY heating healthiest choices - my nutrients were too low. Added back the (reasonably portioned) burger every once in a while, and my cholesterol ratio finally fell in a range my doc was comfy with & I got to drop the cholesterol med! So, I'm definitely not a strong believer in cutting any foods out (except things like milk, because of lactose intolerance LOL)..

    Even if at first, when you get to the gym - do just that cardio... but make sure you enjoy it while you're doing it! At 22, I'm sure you've got an iPod or some sort of music player - follow those beats! Make small challenges like getting thru that fastest song in your playlist at the fast beat pace... then add more faster songs every week or few.

    Once you're back in a pattern/habit of going to the gym - you can start doing some strength work. Do they have machines? Do you prefer free weights? Grab & print a few SP exercise plans with free weights, and do either a cardio rest day but with strength - and do all - or pick days for upper body, lower body... and alternate them. If they have machines that work the major & opposing muscle groups (triceps & biceps, abs & back, quads & hamstrings) - that's easiest to get back into rotation. Just do all of the arm ones they have and you'd probably be fine. As you get more enthused, you can spend that hour online after you're home, researching different exercises for the different muscle groups!

    Just, don't give up... YOU/WE can do this!
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