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I am good, Thanks! Just a stupid concern/issue.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I am pretty good thank you. Today had been a good day. I am 'working from home'. I put that in parenthesis because when I work from home, I do in fact work. But today, I am slacking off quite a bit. We hit a slow time.

emoticon Took the pups for a bit longer of a morning walk.
emoticon Jumped on the treadmill for a mile and a half.
emoticon Got my man off to work and straightened up a bit.
emoticon Got back on the treadmill, planing for 4 miles, only got in .85.

Then my boy decided he had ants in his pants so...
emoticon we went for a short walk.

I decided to vacuum and move the tree out of the house. Yes, we keep a fig tree (I think it is) inside during the winter. It is huge now. I was crazy to move it alone but decided to so, o-well. Nice to have the space back.

Hit the grocery during lunch hour and yes...
emoticon took the pups for a 3rd walk because Utah was talking.

Anyway, I am feeling ok. I have been wanting to blog but I really can't at work and have just not gotten it done once home.

emoticon I mentioned one night my boss took the team to dinner. It was nice to socialize.
emoticon Then last night my man wanted to go out to eat. We went to Sonny's. It was really good actually. I ate too much (including some fries) but really enjoyed it.

emoticon My weight has been a bit up but I am confident I can get it under control.

Now, what is on my crazy mind. I was going to just message some friends as I am a bit ...
emoticon embarrassed by my stupid problem but o-well. I have shared more embarrassing things.

This is my problem. I definitely would not call myself a drinker but now that it is getting to be so nice out... Well let me back up. I go months without drinking. I do not drink during the week.
emoticon emoticon But now that it is getting so nice my man wants to hit a pub or take the Harley out and make some stops at some hole in the wall places. It is nice and relaxing. However...

this is now what I want! I want to stay 1lb under my goal weight. I do not want to drink, put on weight and who knows what it does to my body... then be overly careful during the week to just drink again the next weekend.

emoticon I may just be overreacting. I am not sure.
So I imagine I just need to put a limit to how many ales I drink, right?!?

This should not be a problem, right?!? I am no sure what else to suggest we do. My man does not like to go to the movies. We do go to eat from time to time now, maybe one a week and sometimes once on the weekend. We prefer not to just sit in front of the tv. He goes upstairs and reads and falls asleep. I am on Netflix a lot of the time or reading.

If anyone has any ...

ideas, I would appreciate hearing them. My man actually drinks less than I do. He is driving and has an excuse not to drink. We feel kind of bad sitting there and not ordering a emoticon

My man will be taking a ...

sometime fairly soon (once school is out).

This will help. He will take the Harley south. He will come back refreshed most likley. We will then spend most weekends emoticon working on the acreage.
Just so it does not get too emoticon hot, hot, hot.

So this is what's up. Oh and other good news.

The computer environments we work in will be down for 2 weeks (starting tonight) so my boss has pretty much ok'ed us to work from home. This is HUGE for me. I still have a report to work on however I mentioned that I may work only partial weeks.
emoticon It gives me more treadmill time and of course
emoticon More puppy time.
emoticon I also plan to pick up on the studying again and perhaps schedule to take my PMP exam.

Sounds GREAT huh! Now to just do it. I need to not feel guilty about not going into the office. I will do it. All I have to do is look at my boy Utah :) and girl of course.

15,944 steps so far and it is only 2:15. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My suggestion would be to order something lighter - a clear soda or an ice tea. Then you are still getting a refreshing drink but not all the calories.

    1540 days ago
    I would order ice tea. A good drink for the summer, and you and your man can still have fun. Wouldn't it be nice if you can work from home more often? emoticon
    1543 days ago
    You should be allowed a drink now and then, just don't overdo it and you shouldn't have to worry about gaining weight or it making you more out of shape.
    1545 days ago
    I like several of the ideas here...water along with the beer...bowling and counting the calories in just like every thing else. As you know, I like a good weekend hike. You will find the way my friend! Nice that you can work from home for a few days!

    It is good to read what you are up to! emoticon
    1545 days ago
    If you are looking for nightlife that you can do indoors after dark, bowling is pretty fun. I'm a terrible bowler, and I still think it's fun! And a bowling alley is not a place where you're expected to drink. For other non drinking activities, you might want to consider joining a church group. They always have lots of fun social stuff going on from potlucks, to game nights, to progressive dinners. Nowdays, there are churches out there that pretty much support any kind of belief system there is, so you just have to look around to find the one that works best for you. Good luck and way to go on getting all those steps in so early in the day! emoticon
    1546 days ago
    How about ordering a couple of waters with your lite beers? Drink the water first then enjoy the beer! emoticon emoticon & emoticon
    It's been a long time but that's what I do when I go out with the sista's!
    1546 days ago
    Instead of stopping at pubs, could you stop at a scenic area? Maybe it's the socialization that he enjoys at the pub. You could try the light beer and then not drink it all- easier in the containers that are hard to see through.
    There should be some fairs/community events coming up that might interest both of you- if so you could go to those and walk around if it's the social interaction he enjoys at those locations. Then you can look at the attractions instead of sipping brews (not that there's anything wrong with that).
    Good luck with your PMP.
    I have to tell you that my pup was so upset with all of the commotion in the house lately that he snuggled up to me and we slept all cuddled together for about twenty minutes this week. It was heaven- I only had to wait 4.5years for it, and the payoff was totally worth it. Hope this happens again sometime :)

    1546 days ago
    I don't know if you are tracking your calories, but if you are--booze has them! Other people who are on Spark and enjoy a drink make sure that they account for the calories that they can reasonably expect to consume in alcohol on a given day.

    If you find you have trouble sticking to your alcohol calorie allowance...then it might be time for a different group ;-)

    for me, in the summer, it's popsicles. I love them! So I get fruit juice ones that don't have any added sugar and I budget 150 calories a day for them.

    As to summer activities--if you have a swim hole near by, it's a great way to relax, enjoy the summer, and even tone up a bit.
    1546 days ago
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