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Buying clothes for my changing body

Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving sucks. OK, so getting a new place, redecorating, that sort of thing is fun. The packing, unpacking, moving boxes, going up stairs - THAT sucks. Admittedly, it doesn't suck as much at my current weight of 182 as it did when I moved out of my parents and weighed probably 240. I have a lot more energy now and can lift quite a bit more than I could. And stairs don't bug me so much.

But the thing I've found complicated with moving is the clothes situation. I've been going through clothes like mad - seems like every week, I put another shirt into the "Donate" pile because it is too big. I haven't bought any clothes to compensate, because I want to finish moving first, but it is in the future.

Shopping for me is weird. I keep gravitating to all these XL blouses and flowy shirts, which end up looking like circus tents on me - WAY TOO BIG. That's why I've had to bring my sister with me clothes shopping. She keeps me away from the XL's and the flowy shirts and tries to get me to pick clothes that show my form better.

But as I think of it, it feels so weird! I've been stuck in the Xl or Plus Size sections for so long, I don't even know how to find my size or even my style! I feel somewhat like a teenaged girl, figuring out her style and what looks good on her body. It's been a great experience, but it's kinda weird for an almost 30 year old!

For instance, take the size 12 jeans I mentioned earlier. I would NEVER thought I could fit into those. I was tempted not to even TRY. They were size 12's and I have NEVER as an adult fit into 12's. But I did - and they FIT! WOW!

This year has been full of so many changes - new body, new clothes, new apartment, new promotion. I am so happy to be alive and to be figuring out my body - even if I am almost 30!!
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    I was so thrilled when I went to the second hand cloths place and bought size 14 jeans. I was so thrilled I bought three instead of the one I was going after and I bought one for when I lose a few more pounds. All four for 20 bucks.
    So I went blouse shopping for the first time in years. I always bought over sized t shirts. Now that was weird.
    I still feel weird not wearing my Tshirts. Most of them I wear as night shirts now. lol
    I just moved 6 months ago. Still unpacking boxes.
    1732 days ago
    Bringing your sister along is great idea!

    I have weird issues myself about clothes because my whole life I have been constantly losing and gaining and I never have a clue what size I am, and I hate to shop and actually try on clothes (I get anxiety attacks), so I sometime buy things I think will fit and they don't, which sucks.

    The last time I lost weight, I was wearing the same clothes as I did at 40 lbs heavier, and a co-worker called me "baggy pants", so I went out and got some new ones out of embarrassment.

    1734 days ago
    Think of clothes shopping as a new adventure! I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you like and looks great on your new body.

    Stairs.... easy calorie burn! And each is a step closer to reaching your weight loss goals!

    You're doing great! I'm in awe :-)
    1734 days ago
    I just had this same realization yesterday. But I don't know who to ask for help shopping... I'll have to think on that.

    1735 days ago
    Yea, Carolyn!! New clothes can be so much fun. Yes, it's a little bit of a learning curve, but this is a good problem to have! Don't be afraid to try on lots of styles & sizes. Learn what looks good on you. But don't buy too much- I'm sure you'll need new clothes again soon. emoticon
    1736 days ago
    Again love emoticon your blog. And before when I had drop weight (i'm not almost 30, emoticon wish) But I did the same thing, but it was my youngest daughter that had to help me. I just, still guess I felt like I still needed them. But I think your doing great! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1736 days ago
    This... well, this is really making me think.

    I'm thrilled for you that you have made so much go great for you in your life this year (and yes - it was all YOU that made it happen, so you should be pretty darned proud of yourself!). emoticon

    I've been loving your blogs about all of the positive changes in your body and your attitude about yourself - there's just so much happiness bubbling out of you! You've really been an inspiration to me, especially in seeing all of the positives in the changes I've been making.

    But... but... now you've gone and made me realize that this whole healthier lifestyle thing may cause me to confront my deepest, darkest nightmare: shopping!

    Oh, the horror!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Excuse me... must go and confirm that the sundresses will do as a wardrobe for at least all summer, regardless of what size I am...
    1736 days ago
    so happy for you! Shopping woo hoo! Have a great time picking out clothes that fit and flatter you at your new size.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1736 days ago
    At least change is happening
    1736 days ago
    Girl, we need to talk. We are so on the same page right now! emoticon I have no idea what size I wear, what styles look good. Before, if I could jam my body into it (always with some unsightly overflow), I would buy it! Now I have to have a definition of what "fits" and I'm not sure how to tell! lol. Plus, things that fit last month, don't fit this month, my give-away pile is two full garbage bags now! But isn't figuring it all out tons of fun? emoticon
    1736 days ago
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