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Fawn Update

Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, it's gone. I turned off all the lights on the porch and left the room. When I went back an hour or so later, it was gone. The wildlife rescue volunteer, Kimberley, called me last night and told me that the fawn was probably still very close. Tiny ones can't walk very far, so Mama just moved her a few paces to a safer spot, and will probably lead it to a new spot every couple of days. The baby has to walk, Mama can't carry her like a cat carries kittens. In a few weeks when the fawn is stronger she'll lead it to the big deer gathering spot back in the woods. They don't raise young in pairs (one parent watching while the other hunts like birds) or as a herd like elephants. In the middle of the night that corner near my porch looked like a safe, dark place, then I went and turned on a bunch of bright lights and there were humans walking, talking and sitting just a few feet away from baby. She must have been terrified. There could be a bunch of fawns in the woods right out back, and I wouldn't know.

But it must be going on successfully because we have more deer every year, huge herds eating everything I plant. You'll notice that the fawn was nestled in the hostas, which they will eat down to the ground shortly.

When I sent the photos out to my kids, #2 son (the country boy Dietician) said that it was just the right size for the oven. Gotta love kids!
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