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Its silly I know :(

Friday, May 24, 2013

Alright friends , I'm going to ask a very silly question - How can anyone plateau at the beginning itself of their weight loss journey??
I know it does not make any sense but I am really getting concerned now and did not know who else to ask! :(
So the background is this - Just untill last year I was at my goal weight (after losing 18 kgs) which I had achieved after a LOT of effort and maintained it for 2.5 years. But then I had to undergo a surgery in June last year after which I started putting on weight. Now I am 8 kilos heavier! So about 2 months back I got really concerned about this sudden gain and started making some serious efforts for weight loss. I have been exercising regularly most of the time. Haven't had any binging episodes since 6 weeks now ... trying to control my carb n fat intake but still I havn't lost a single pound! It just refuses to budge!!!

I kept trying to keep myself motivated... But I'm losing it now. Mainly because I just cant figure out what is missing in my efforts! So I was wondering if may be I should do some sort of Diet like a GM diet or something for a few days just to move the scale! That might help break the plateau. Well, I'm never in favor of so called "weight loss diets" but this is just a desperate effort now. I feel horrible to see that I'm back sliding so fast... Its scary!
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    Just as you need to vary your nutrition composition.. ( that is ... do NOT eat the same meals every day/week) You also need to vary your exercise routines.. how you burn your calories. Doing the same cardio and strength training for extended periods of time..
    According to the articles I have read your body quite readily adapts to any routine and then makes that its new normal and adjusts itself to metabolize and store your calories for just in case there is a new famine.

    Being a creature of habit myself - I find it hard to put a lot of (much of any!) variety into my life... the calories in & out part at least.

    But I am not an authority... just have found plateau busting for me means I have been doing the same things for too long and need to make some changes.

    Hope this has been at least a little helpful.
    We will meet our goals, with a little or a lot of help from our friends.
    Good luck,
    1704 days ago
    If you are losing inches but not pounds, you are probably replacing muscle you lost while recouping from surgery. Which means you are making progress--it's just progress that the scale can measure.

    If not... I know that I have been on this weight loss journey for 4 years now and have very little to show for it, and for me the big culprit seems to be stress--I exercise regularly, I eat well, I tracked religiously for a long time and while I'm not so religious about it any more, I do still track and I'm still eating on target most of the time. But I'm also under a LOT of stress, which causes a boost in cortisone, which can cause weight gain (I'm not gaining at least!). Lack of sleep can also do it.

    *hugs* and remember... breathe in, breathe out, you can do this!
    1705 days ago
    It is so frustrating when the scales do not shift I had a period of lose 1 pound then gain it back the next week for about 4 weeks and got really fed up.
    Then I started tracking and weighing the portions and using a 9 inch plate. That worked I am now back to losing. I know it sounds daft but a smaller plate really does help.
    Don't give you emoticon you did it before and emoticon again.
    1705 days ago
    When this happens I become more diligent about tracking and measuring my food. I can usually find the culprit by doing this and make the needed adjustment.
    1705 days ago
    Hugs and hang in there. Could it be that you maintained successfully for a long time and though you view this as the beginning of a new weight loss journey, you are really just maintaining and dealing with an episode of regain?

    Dunno, just wondering.

    Don't worry, just keep doing the right things and the scale WILL move.

    1705 days ago
    Have you use the tape as you could be loosing inches instead of pounds?

    I change my diet weekly and I think that helps. Don't walk / run the same distance every day.

    Do different exercises by mixing them up.

    I hope this help but do keep trying

    Have a good weekend

    1705 days ago
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