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bendable you

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Friday, May 24, 2013

In flood time you can see how some trees bend, and because they bend, even their twigs are safe, while stubborn trees are torn up , roots and all." Sophocles

I never liked change . In my childhood my father was an alcoholic, and because of this my life was a whirling dervish. One day I would come home from school the house would be peaceful and there would sit Dad all happy and life was good. The next he would be sleeping in his chair and upon waking the whole house was in shambles. Yelling , crying, hitting were common . One day my friends were over for my birthday and Dad was drunk , pretending to be surfing on my mother's ironing board will Surfing by the Beach Boys was playing in the background. My friends thought my Dad was great me not so much.

When I moved out I made sure my life was centered and sure. Few and no surprises . My way or the hi-way. I was stiff and rigid and unbending. I followed the plan to a tee . Thank God I found the error to my ways , although it took a lot of years.

To succeed in weight loss and body toning you need to be flexible and free. You need to find laughter and spontaneity .

Yes , have a plan, always have a plan but be almost positive your plans will go awry. They always do. The boss will change your hours, your children will need to see the doctor after work. The chicken will not defrost in time, the gym will close due to a storm. Your friends will want to go out and party. The list goes on.

So be bendable have a back up plan. Raining today, hit the treadmill ,for your mile run. Your boss changes your schedule change your workout schedule right along with it. If you were planning chicken and its not defrosted cook some fish that can be cooked frozen and have chicken tomorrow.

If your sick try to eat as healthy as you can until you are ready to get back in the game. Same goes if you are hurt.

If you miss a workout and you will, or have a calorie laden meal or two don't despair . Laugh it off and move on. No one is perfect, not life and not you. Tomorrow is a new day to begin again.

Learn to be flexible and bendable , breathe and succeed.
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