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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Up 100g (which is neither here nor there) Alcohol units 12, calorie range days 5, gratitude 3 (the opportunity to meet new people, feel welcome at the new run club I have just joined, great feeling of accomplishment from completing a run of 1.5k).

I was a more than overwhelmed the last fortnight as my casual work was full-time for two days, which filled in the days I have off from my part-time three days/week job. The casual work finished this week, which I'm pretty sad about as I thoroughly enjoy it. The opportunity to do it is there, but I plan to have a three-quarter load next semester, so I feel that it is not feasible.

Reflecting on the last couple of weeks, I am so proud of myself for being able to have almost full-time work, but also complete my scheduled fitness plan which I just upped at the beginning of my full-time work weeks with the start of the Walk2Run program.

I managed to get to all three run sessions, Pilates class, Tai Chi class, and rode my bike to and from uni every day.

Interestingly I didn't sleep very well. Perhaps it is all the excitement emoticon

Challenges over the week before included:

emoticon Day 56 - Breathe

Remember to breathe. Be aware of your breath, in and out through the nose. Expand belly and relax. Inhale the good let go of the bad.

I practise this almost every day, sometimes several times/day. I find it to be a good stress reliever, and a way to prepare myself if I know that I am going to do something which may trigger stress. It works every time, but before I knew this technique I used to just attempt to breathe this way when stressed. I have got so much better by including this activity in my day as a matter of course. Now, I just have to think 'breathe', and often my stress level begins to come down before actually practising the breathing exercise.

emoticon Day 57 - Only eat when hungry

This challenge was difficult at work, as my manager is part-time and comes in late morning, and leaves early afternoon. I often leave my lunch until after he has gone at about 2.30pm. So I am more than hungry by that stage!

Prompted by this challenge, I leave my office and go to the lunch room for morning tea and lunch. I enjoy this very much as I get to talk to other staff members. I used to go outside and sit in the outside lunch areas, but for whatever reason most of the staff in my area don't eat outside. Also, it is getting pretty cool here now.

The days I'm at home, my partner and our cat prompt me for lunch time and dinner time. But I'm usually hungry at the same time, as we have eaten other meals and snacks at the same time, so this works out ok. I cannot ignore my cat, as she is very old and she is finding it difficult to keep the weight on, so I want to feed her when prompted!

emoticon Day 58 - Relaxation and recovery

This challenge I had to work on to fit in the three new Walk2Run sessions. But it has worked out well. I have Tai Chi early Sunday morning, the day after what is called the long run session with the run club. I have Pilates on Monday afternoon, so this sorts out any sore muscles that have not been relieved by Tai Chi. The only difficulty has been fitting in a run on Monday - currently I am doing them on Tuesday afternoons, which is not ideal as I have Walk2Run group on Wednesdays. But these last two weeks may just be an anomaly due to working full-time at two different jobs, and I'll even it out next week now that I have two whole days free from work.

I saw the challenge more of awareness of how I was feeling and thinking what I could do. I have found the stretching involved in Tai Chi marvellous for relieving any aches and pains in my lower legs and feet from running.

emoticon Day 59 - Respect, encouragement, and patience

The challenge was to write myself a letter to my best friend in support of their goals and or struggles. This was to contrast with the suspected talking to myself badly when I messed up. I only scribbled some notes down on my pad next to the computer. The thing is, I don't do this anymore. This was due to joining the Progress, Not Perfection team www.sparkpeople.com/mysp
. Well, I'm not so hard on myself, and I recover very quickly from any perceived 'slip ups' and keep going.

emoticon Day 60 - Drink up

This challenge was easy peasy as I am already drinking eight glasses of water every day. So I attempted to up it to 10 glasses. It wasn't very difficult as the increased exercise has made me want to drink more water. Unfortunately, my body doesn't want to hold it for long, so just upping the water a little, I'm back to visiting the bathroom. Sigh. I am now working on not drinking after dinner or later at night.

emoticon Day 61 - Add a 60 sec high-intensity exercise

Although I have started a Walk2Run programme, and we do intervals of running and walking, I thought this challenge was a good way to invigorate myself during the day. There is no place to do anything that requires space, such as burpees, run or jumping rope. I have found that I can take the stairs up at pace, so I'll do this a couple of times during the day when I'm not carrying anything. Except I think I can get up the six flights of stairs quicker than 60 sec. I'll have to see.

At home, I'm determined to be able to do more than a couple of burpees with good form!

emoticon Day 62 - Only eating planned snacks

I plan my snacks for work, as I only want to take the food I'm going to eat that day. When I get home I have a list of snacks that I can sample from that are either already portioned, or I have listed the portions to weigh and measure. After dinner, if I have eaten within my calorie range I allow myself the treat of a Fry's chocolate covered turkish delight. I am still amazed that I can eat only the one out of the bag of 12!

emoticon Day 63 - What's my mantra

I like looking at the Motivational Quotes on SparkPeople www.sparkpeople.com/reso
. But my mantra at the moment is "Just Keep Going". I have hiccups along the way, I'm losing weight very very slowly, but I'm enjoying my new healthy lifestyle. Especially feeling strong and continuing to learn what I need to do to be the best me I can.

emoticon Day 64 - Add an extra workout

I just did! Having started the Walk2Run programme with the run club, I've added three! www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
. It wasn't hard to fit in more exercise, more that I decided that is what I wanted to do. The bonus is that the run club is very welcoming of runners at all levels of fitness. Their motto is "... run with endurance ...".

emoticon Day 65 - Eat dinner at the table

We eat all our breakfasts and lunches in an designated eating area. Although snacks and one or two dinners are sometimes next to the computer. We don't have a TV and we were introduced to free to air TV on the computer www.abc.net.au/iview . However, the novelty of this is wearing off, and we are returning to the dining table for all our dinners.

emoticon Day 66 - Break it down

I have done this already. Realising that getting to my goal weight was going to take longer than first anticipated, I broke the goal weight into three. But the focus has become not the weight, but being able to accomplish certain activities that I didn't envisage doing when I first started with the single goal of losing weight. For example, I am currently working on being able to run 5k, master planks and master roll-ups with good form. To turn them into proper goals though I need to determine a date and a reward.

emoticon Day 67 - Intervals

A four minute workout - 20 sec fast, 10 sec slow - repeat eight times. I found a series of videos on YouTube when I went looking to find out what 'Tabata' is. I didn't bookmark them unfortunately. I found it amazing that the advertisements go for soooo long, and then really interesting that someone had developed a Tabata routine to do during these commercial breaks. It was quite funny, watching and being encouraged to do this rather intense workout routine, with their TV on in the background.

I made a hesitant start to the BeFit in 90 sessions on YouTube www.youtube.com/BeFitin9
. Some of these sessions are similar to the Tabata technique that I was introduced to for this challenge. Also, the run club uses running and walking intervals in their sessions, so I'm being exposed to this way of exercising on several fronts.

emoticon Day 68 - Show your support

Before Mam left to go overseas I introduced her to SparkPeople and set it up on her iPad. In addition, I gave my Step-Dad the Kindle version of The Spark Solution for his birthday. I really must follow up with them and see how they are going. Where they stay when they are out of the country has only very basic kitchen facilities, so making some of the recipes from the book may be a challenge, but I'm hoping that the overall philosophy and schedule, will assist both of them.

This is one area that I need to work on though. I feel that I receive a lot of support from my SparkFriends, even when I'm somewhat absent. So a BIG thank you to you too. emoticon

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