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Woohoo, a 5!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yep, I weighed myself today and there was a 5 in the middle of the number on the scale. I have not been this slender since I was in college. (I am not saying how long ago that was.) I nearly cried. It feels really good to see my reflection and feel comfortable with what I see. I still have excess skin that refuses to go away , especially on my arms, but that is easily camouflaged. Getting to a healthy weight did NOT automatically make me happy, or love myself, but the process of getting fit and healthy slowly has changed the way I view my place in life. Encountering and celebrating my successes has proven to me that I can accomplish more than I thought I could and give myself credit for those successes. I used to doubt myself in everything. I am getting better about that, though I still fall into that trap on occasion. I have to admit I am a happier person these days, but that probably has more to do with all the endorphins coursing through my body, and all the time I spend outside.

I walked Cooper 8.2 miles today, used the rower for 70 minutes and did about 10 minutes of light ST. That isn't really enough ST, since I have been slacking off on the ST lately I need to step it back up again. I like lifting heavy weights. (Of course my idea of what constitutes a heavy weight is probably different from someone else.) My legs are definitely stronger than my upper body, so I need to concentrate more effort where I am weakest. I did not run today. I had to choose between running and the rower, and the rower won. I had an appointment as well. It went fairly well. I have to track my sleep patterns for the next two weeks, as well as my activity level, and a few other things. Hopefully my sleep will straighten itself out soon. I have been battling with insomnia again. I get a lot of reading in, but I don't get enough sleep, which leaves me feeling sluggish and lethargic the next day. Oh well. We will figure it out.

I did not record my weight today, as I weigh in on Saturdays. Today was just a spot check to see if the number had changed. And it had! A 5, imagine that.
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